Student Council Prepares for Homecoming

By: Josh Weatherford The Student Council at Laramie High School is currently…

Maxx Moore

By Daniel Martinez

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Road to nationals

By W. Grant Howell-Perkins

FFA dinner

By Colton Enyeart

Relative Theatrics

By Susy Villasenor

Yuda Bands

By Taylor Douglas

Art Buttons

By Jillian Zamora

Gear up

By Anthony Scafe

Upward Bound

By Raegan Kautzman 

LHS reverse engineering

By Jaxon Cox and Colton Enyeart

Prom 2018

By Issac Greenwald

Changes in athletics

By W. Grant Howell Perkins


By William Daley-Green

LHS Career Days

By Jennifer Aadland and Sarah Wallace

Creative Writing Club

By William Daley-Green

LHS Swimming

By Micheal Schutterle

A Safer Laramie

By Makelle Upchurch


By Gus Kauffman

Drivers Ed

By Sarah Wallace

Angela Jamie

By Rhaelle Curry

Outlaws Hockey

By Benjamin Taboga


By Alex Burleigh

LHS Cheer

By Mason Garner

Game of Life

By Allison Dodds

LHS Choir

By Maggie Branch


By Alexis Wheeler

A Close Loss

By Mackenzie Yeend

LHS Pep Band

By Annie Walgren

LHS Yearbook

By Chloe Jenkins

FFA State

By Arundathi Nair

LHS Golf

By Anna Arellano

FFA Buddy Walk

By Ethan Shinkle

LHS Mock Trial

By Savannah Knight


By Finley O’Connor

Smash Club

By Jack McIrvin

New Teachers

By Zoey Bartrop

Choir Concert

By Savanna Knight

Book Club

By Katia Oler

Mamma Mia

By Leila Johnson


By Owen Reese

ReplayIt App

By Fiona Mobley

Mamma Mia

By Jack McIrvin

Mock Trial

By Danielle Besler

Mamma Mia

By Rachel King

Nordic Skiing

By Leila Johnson

Weights class

By Wyatt Bullock

Metal Shop

By Merek Meyen

Laramie Hockey

By Ethan Shinkle

Vet Science

By Wyatt Bullock

Cheer Competition

By Finley O'Connor

Indoor Track

By Michael Chione

Engineering Final

By Darnale Bangert


By Caleb Egbert

Escape Room

By Finley O'Connor

Laramie Hockey

By Ethan Shinkle

A.V. Club

By Collin Pemble

Chamber Orchestra

By Ainsley Marshall

State Hockey

By Mitchell Grey

Transition Fair

By Ainsley Marshall

FFA Week

By Derrick Cowles

Alpine State

By Mitchell Gray

State Cheer

By Ainsley Marshall

State Indoor Track

 By Kayla Vasquez  

Physics Phun

By: Sam Alexander