By Carson Heaney

Laramie High School student government members help raise money for Make-A-Wish Foundation by selling chain links in a raffle.

“For the Make-A-Wish charity, it’s more of a statewide initiative, so the statewide student council has made Make-A-Wish one of our main priority charities, which we discuss in conference,” student government member Kathryn Eastman-Curry said.

Last week, the members started to sell paper chain links for a dollar each to students and staff across the high school for the chance to win prizes, a charity that only skims the top of the club’s volunteer work and event planning for the school.

“We also do larger events like planning homecoming and prom, both larger and smaller things are very important to building school spirit,” student government member, Trinity Sandoval said.

Student government truly does run like a government, the club has officers, including senior president Ruby Dorrell, who runs their meetings among other things.

“We usually have an agenda of two to five or six items to talk about, we go through upcoming events, for our spirit weeks and holidays, how we want to plan those if we want to do something special. If there’s anything we want to work on during that time, creating decorations, signing up for different events we do that too,” Eastman-Curry said.

The club plans events during the student’s free time such as volleyball and dodgeball games, movie days, dances, and photo shoots during holidays, all for passing students, etc.

Their main goal is to bring the student community together, offer very fun games and festive activities, and most of all, make students have school pride and spirit.

“We do social media outreach, obviously, we have social media accounts so trying to get that up and running and being more interactive with our students, hosting events and games and tournaments where it involves the school community,” Eastman-Curry said.

Most clubs have been employing social media accounts, on Instagram namely, helping the school community be more aware of their events and meetings, and student government is no different.

Student council’s Instagram account (@laramiestudentcouncil) currently has almost five hundred followers and almost sixty posts, keeping their followers updated on leadership events their members are participating in and events they are hosting.

“We want to make our events less of a student gov thing and more of a school thing,” Eastman-Curry said.

Not only for the students but getting the staff involved is a big part of keeping their goals alive.

“It’s a heartwarming feeling, getting the whole community involved like when we do fundraisers, it just feels nice,” Sandoval said.

The Make-A-Wish chain fundraiser, for example, has been mostly staff links on the chain, showing that student government isn’t only for the students.