By Jack Drew


The Laramie High School Nordic Ski team had their first meet of the year, right here in Laramie.

“Laramie is usually the worst meet because it’s the first one and there usually isn’t that much snow, but this time our team did pretty good”, Thomas McCoy said.

The Nordic team had their first taste of competition on their first meet of the session here in Laramie.

There were about 9 teams there including the Laramie team.

Even though the snow was not the best and it was an exhausting course, the Laramie team had many students that placed high in this meet.

3 varsity boys placed, the JV relay team won first place, a girls relay team placed 3rd, and a few other placements came from the Laramie team.

The Laramie meet is the first meet of the season and because of this it is always one of the hardest meets, it traditionally does not go well.

The Laramie team was very impressed with it this year because they did pretty well among the other teams.

The team is worried about meets later in the season because the Jackson team was not at this meet and is worried about how the Jackson team will perform this year.

“We do two races at each meet, one is freestyle and the other is classic,” McCoy said.

There was not enough space at this meet, so both of their races were freestyle.

Freestyle races can be skating or classic, although most athletes choose to do skate skiing because it is a faster way of racing.

“We did a 3K relay and then we did a 5K individual,” Camryn Sinicki said.

A 5K race takes about 30 minutes to complete if you are not an inexperienced skier, and a 3K takes about 12 to 15 minutes to complete. 

There is also a 1K race that students participate in and this race does not take longer than 10 minutes to complete.

The boys’ team captain Emmitt Gray completed the 3K in 12 minutes at this Laramie meet.

There is a lot of prep time that goes into the preparation of the meets. Even in the meets that they travel to, the team likes to stay active and get all their equipment ready for the races.

On the day before their race, they wax their skis and go for a 30-minute run so that they are prepared for a hard day of racing the next day.

Equipment is a big part of racing and keeping their gear in good shape is something that the Nordic team prides itself on.

The day before the race and right before the race they wax their skis so that they are in the best possible shape for the race that is coming up.

This was the first meet of the season, but it has the makings to be a good start for a great year.