By: Brayden Williams



Laramie High School Boys Swimming and Diving Team kickstarts off their season optimistic for another state title.

LHS Boys Swimming and Diving has had a whole week of practice under a new coach.

They are going into the season with more seniors than last year, and the team is ready and optimistic for a state title.

Kyle Morton is a senior boy swimmer for LHS and is ready, hopeful, and looking forward to the next season.

“I think we will win this year, we are already predicted to win which is nice, and personally I am faster than I have ever been, I really went hard in the off-season, and so did other swimmers like Loden Ewers,” Morton said.

One of the biggest challenges the team will be forced to overcome this year is the presence of a new head coach.

In the past, Tom Hudson has been leading the team to many state, and conference titles, but at the end of last year, he retired.

Former assistant coach Tamara Bretting assumed the position of head coach and will lead the team in search for a sixth consecutive state and conference championship.

“I don’t think the new coach will make too much of a difference, she is really good, not only as a coach but as a swimmer herself, she knows what she is doing. I think she has faith in her swimmers and their ability to go out and compete like winners, and we trust her to make the right decisions and be there for us,” Morton said.

Even under the circumstances of being under a new head coach, other challenges are facing the LHS Boy’s Swim Team.

“One thing I think is big, is not getting too comfortable, the last five years we have been dominating and nobody on this team has experienced what losing feels like, so we can’t get too comfortable, I think if we lose it will drastically affect the team’s morale or mentality, and that can end terribly. I am not saying we can’t lose; we just can’t get comfortable with winning,” Morton said.

The team didn’t lose too many seniors after last year, only four, unlike the girls who lost fourteen.

“We didn’t lose too many state qualifying seniors, which is really convenient, less people need to step up to fill their role, but more people still do creating a better team, and a more unified team I think,” Morton said

The team is ready for a six-peat state title and is very optimistic that they can do it.

“I think we can do it, we have new challenges none of us have ever faced, but I think we can do it, everybody wants to do it and has been working to achieve it, the team is close and strong and beyond capable,” Morton said.