By: Mercedes Bartholomew


Select members of the Laramie High School band traveled to Cheyenne for the Southeast District Clinic on Nov. 2.

The Southeast Wyoming District Clinic is an event designed to bring students in bands together to perform a few pieces.

This event occurs every year for students who are selected to go and experience a new conductor and how to play with other people.

Junior Paul Taufa and senior Molly Ballard were two people who participated in District Clinic.

In this event students from around the state came to play pieces of music together.

Taufa was in the highest of two bands, that was offered to play the euphonium.

The students were given music and had to practice before the event.

There weren’t any specific times for students to practice together, so it was up to them to practice.

“It was easy I just practiced every day, and it was fine,” Taufa said.

Taufa and Ballard both said that practicing frequently and asking for help when needed helped them be prepared.

Once they arrived in Cheyenne, they went to practice for four hours and then had a quick break for lunch.

Once lunch was finished, they came back to practice for about three hours more.

“I really liked being with other students who want to be there and who are good. This year there were two bands,” Ballard said.

One had one guest conductor, whereas the other one had multiple different conductors.

Both Taufa and Ballard agreed that they really enjoyed playing their instruments with other students from around the state who enjoyed doing the same thing.

For these students, this was an opportunity to play with new people and play some new music.

“I like band and being in that environment and making music because everyone there wants to be there, we got to elevate the music,” Ballard said.

The District Clinic helps the students gain musical discipline by learning the music on their own.

Along with this, it helps to get the students used to different conductors.

Each conductor has different ways of working so this gets students used to all sorts of different styles, making the students better musicians.

The purpose of this event is to get students together who all want to be there.

This is different from a normal class because in a normal class you always have students who don’t want to be there.

Here all the musicians aspire to be the best that they can be, so they all take this opportunity to better their skills.

At the end of their two days of practicing there is a concert to show off all the work that the students put it to the event.

Both Taufa and Ballard agreed the concert was a good way to see their hard work and would recommend that music students participate in the event.