By: John Rose II


The Laramie High School Girls’ Basketball head coach is extremely optimistic about his team’s future this season.

Terrence Reese believes that this year of girls’ basketball holds much promise for this year’s season.

“I really like the team this year, I really like the work we put in during the season and I definitely see a growth from last year’s team to this year’s team”, Reese said.

Reese feels like they are fully prepared for their three-day tournament in Riverton next weekend.

“The tournament is Thursday, Friday and Saturday and I think the work that we’ve put in this season so far will really show”, Reese said.

Reese says that the tournament will have about 10 teams and should be good competition for the team.

“I think that we’ll be very competitive up there and like I said the work that our girls put in will show and I think that we have a good opportunity to be successful”, Reese said.

Reese believes that state this year could be in the cards but only time will totally tell.

“I think that we’ll be a competitive force on the court and the work we’ve put in should give ourselves a chance and that’s what we’re working for”, Reese Said.

Reese believes that the family dynamic that is present is a great aid to the individual player as they help each other become successful.

“Having that family atmosphere especially with spending a lot of time together basketball is one of the longest sports in terms of season length and we understand that we have to treat each other like family”, Reese said.

Reese believes that the team’s ability to play with each other hinges on them playing well together and treating each other with respect.

“Treating one another like good siblings and we should not only be good siblings, daughters and sisters are hyper important aspects to have in a team setting”, Reese said.

Reese believes that this way of teamwork is incredibly important for the team as a whole and is as important as even just playing on the court.

“Being good siblings becomes an incredible upper hand on the court as they have a solid team-minded approach instead of playing for themselves”, Reese said.

Seeing this opportunity on the court Reese believes that the work and team atmosphere will yield a strong season and should carry them far in competition.

“We are doing the little things to earn the victory and I think that’s what makes our team better as individuals and I think we are deserving of victory and everything is earned,” Reese said.

Coaching these girls is something that Reese really enjoys as he sees them working on themselves individually and working to better the team.

“I really enjoy the work that I see and the smiles that they have. It’s just a blessing for me personally to be a part of that group and my name may be as the head coach but it’s our team”, Reese said.