By: Maddy Stucky


The Laramie High School’s Lady Plainsmen swim and dive team recently made a splash at the state tournament.

The LHS Girl’s Swimming and Diving team won state for the 6th time in a row, after not being favored to win state.

Addie Fowler is a diver on the LHS diving team and made an impact at the state meet.

Fowler’s performance overall was impressive, considering she’s an underclassman.

“I did really well, I placed 11th at state and scored some points for our team to win state,” Fowler said.

The team diving team overall was super successful.

“We got all of our divers into prelims after the first round, and 3 divers into finals. We helped score lots of points for our team and performed well overall,” Fowler said.

There’s a lot of preparation for these athletes going into state.

“We started to work on more basic skills so that when we did our dives, we were able to execute them well,” Fowler said.

“Going back to the basics helped us a lot so our technique was way above the rest,” Fowler said.

Diving is scored a little differently than most other sports.

“You are judged on your approach, height, and entry mainly. The judges will score you then you will drop the highest and lowest score given by the judges and take three-judge scores, add them then multiply them by the difficulty of the dive,” Fowler said.

Each dive has levels of difficulty, and Fowler has perfected some of these difficult dives.

“Each dive has its hardness to it whether it be skill wise or the mentality of it. I think that the hardest dive I know would either be a front double tuck or an inward one and a half,”

State for any team can be super exciting and Fowler couldn’t agree more. 

“The best part would probably be winning state, we were not favored to win this year however we pulled through as a team and became 6 peat champs,” Fowler said.

With state tournaments, comes the stress of competing, for a lot of athletes, Fowler included.

“Honestly I was a little nervous about competing, it was a stressful meet but as soon as we got in the water the nerves went away,” Fowler said.

The swim team won for the 6th time in a row even after coach Tom Hudson retired.

“I feel that we performed amazingly this year we gave it our all and we were going to be happy no matter the outcome. We made new prices and supported one another. we aren’t just a team, we’re a family,” Fowler said.

The team in total scored 240 points with Central coming in second with 222 points.

“We were not favored to win this year, Central was. They had not lost a meet this year except for state” Fowler said.

The swim team continues to be successful after many years of winning and hopes to be this successful in the club swimming season.