By: Austin Quillinan

Laramie High School Students plan to unwind after the ACT at the local music venue “The Greenhouse” on Tuesday. 

The Greenhouse has been hosting local and out-of-state bands since earlier last year. 

These house-turned-venue hosts an average of 50 people for every show. 

“I like the Greenhouse because you never know what to expect since the vibe is different every time which means you get to listen to all kinds of music,” Isabelle Naschold said, who is a regular attendee. 

The next upcoming show is featuring Ridgeway, a punk band from Orange County, California. 

“I can’t wait to head to The Greenhouse after I take the ACT, it is going to be a fantastic way to relax after taking such a huge test.” Camryn Sinicki said. 

Laramie High students are a sizable part of the attendance for every show and help to spread the word more than any other group. 

Many LHS students are planning to attend the Ridgeway show after taking the ACT, taking the opportunity to get some much-needed reprieve from school. 

The three straight hours of testing will take place on April 12th the morning before Ridgeway’s performance at the Greenhouse. 

The performance on the night of the ACT will consist of an opening performance by Aviatrix, a local female-led band, and a closing performance by Worm Brain, a local punk band. 

“It makes a great addition to the local music scene, and the community as a whole” Naschold said. 

The Greenhouse features local bands on a mostly weekly basis, with headliners coming from out of the state very regularly. 

The owners of the house sometimes play alongside the other bands as “Yergarma”, who make “Math Punk.” 

In the past, The Greenhouse has hosted local poetry nights, though these usually have lower attendance.

Among the rowdiest events, they also host monthly karaoke nights. 

The Greenhouse also supports local artists, holding occasional art raffles, alongside supporting the Deserted Zine, a local collaboration between artists by selling copies in-house. 

The Greenhouse also harbors a very friendly and supportive community, consisting of people from every walk of life, mostly college and high school students. 

“I love how everyone is there for the same reason you are, just to hang out and listen to good music.” Ian Greenwald said. 

“It’s great because every time you fall, everyone around you will offer a hand to help you back up, I think that really shows how many good people go there.” Evyn Montague said. 

The Greenhouse is situated on Grand Avenue and stands out as the only green-painted house on the street, which is where the owners got the name, “The Greenhouse”.   

The Greenhouse is committed to highlighting local artists more than anything else, every show begins with a performance by a local artist before the headliner plays.  

Local bands that play at the Greenhouse regularly also help set up the utilities for the other bands, and sometimes forgo playing entirely to help put everything together.