By: Heather Ayers

The Girls Basketball team jumps into a new season at the Laramie High School with aspiring high goals.

Every season is different from the other, however, each team grows together throughout each year.

“We’re a young team so our dynamic is always changing. We also have a new coaching staff this year so we’re just adjusting to each other,” Senior Teagan Bluemel said.

The team practices quite often, working on their skills and building a good team bond.

“Right now, we practice every day after school for about two hours and get together on Saturday for practice as well,” Bluemel said.

Every team member has a unique reason on why they joined the basketball team.

“I have been playing basketball my whole life. I’ve been playing for about seven years. I was on a travel team so when I got to the junior high and high school, I was so excited to join the school team,” Junior Ruby Dorrell said.

Basketball is a sport that is appealing to players for many different reasons, and each player has their own story on how their basketball journey began.

“I enjoy playing basketball because I get to hang out with my friends and meet new people from all over the state. When I was younger, I always traveled with my parents to my older sister’s high school games. It was such an amazing experience. The support that the school had for the team was great,” Dorrell said.

“I first started playing in 5th grade. Some friends and I just decided to try it and see how it went. Here we are, seven years later and I’m still enjoying it,” Bluemel said.

Every basketball team is different, so each experience is unique to the players, especially with new players joining and old ones leaving.

“I think one of the hardest things about playing on a team is getting used to your teammates and being able to play together as one unit, but also playing off each individual player’s strengths,” Bluemel said.

There are many benefits to joining a sports team such as the LHS Basketball team.

“My favorite aspect of being on the team is getting to travel and get to know a variety of people from different schools and grade levels,” Dorrell said.

Furthermore, the dynamic of each team varies from season to season.

“Everyone on this team is very positive, we like to have fun at practice. However, we’re also very competitive and want to encourage each other as much as possible,” Dorrell said.

Every new year brings its own challenges, however, there was some adjustments that were made this season.

“This year, we have many new coaches throughout our league. We’re not quite sure what to expect yet. But we’re going to bring our A game against every opponent, and we hope that they do the same,” Bluemel said.

The girls are continuing to work hard towards their goals for this season, and hopefully make it to the state tournament.

“I hope that we will grow as a good and positive group and we will work hard to make an appearance at State,” Bluemel said.