By: Lily Meyen 

Laramie High School has a mock trial club welcome to any student wanting to participate.  

Mock trial is a club in which the students attend fake court, and get put on a trial in which they must lawyer against an opposing side.  

Along with many other clubs at Laramie High School, mock trial can also set you up for potential scholarships and help you have an advantage over other students who have applied for college. 

In the past, Laramie High School went to a state competition in 2019. 

Mock trial is composed of two teams, that play the role of prosecutors, defense attorneys, witnesses and others.   

A junior, Paysen Witte, is new to the club and is trying it out for her first year.  

“I think our biggest competition is probably each other. Since we have two teams and we train and compete together all year, going into state will be challenging especially because we know how the other team works,” Witte said.  

The team practices every day in class along with every Tuesday and Thursday night up until state which is held on December 4th.  

One of Laramie High Schools teachers, Mrs. Martin, is in charge of the team.  

If the team is to place first or second in the state competition, they get a chance to compete in a national-level competition.  

“I love Mrs. Martin as a teacher and mock trial is something I’m interested in doing. This is helping me work on public speaking and debate which is something that I think will prepare me for life outside of high school,” Witte said.  

When thinking about preparing for the future, most students don’t know what they want to do, or if they have an idea, they can switch at any moment.  

Mock trial is a good idea for any student to participate in when thinking about the future. 

Not only does it help your public speaking skills, but it also might set you up for later success for someone looking to become a lawyer.  

“I don’t know exactly what I want to be when I am older, but this may help me decide if I wish to continue to pursue a career in law. I like all the people, it is really fun seeing everyone work together to help one another be successful,” Witte said.  

With any club or team students have the ability to meet some new people and learn or improve something about themselves that they didn’t know they already.  

“I think my team specifically, will do good headed into state. We all work really well together and get along with one another. We may have some kinks to work out but all in all we are in a good place continuing forward,” Witte said.  

With high hopes about the future, the mock trial team will continue to improve for a chance of making it to nationals.