By: Lily Meyen

This past Saturday, Laramie High School Volleyball played in Casper for the end of the season state tournament.

The volleyball team ended up winning state in three sets against Kelly Walsh, earning them a back-to-back state title. 

Laramie and Kelly Walsh also both completed in the championship game last year, where Laramie rose victorious winning the state tournament. 

Before they could make it to the championship game, Laramie beat Thunder Basin in the semi-finals, but not as easily as expected.

They won the first two sets, but lost the next two, putting them in a tough spot for the third game.

“I think as a team we did the best job at handling our emotions. We were really mentally tough and handled the difficult situations well. When we were in the fifth set battle against Thunder Basin, had just lost the set before, and our ticket to the state championship game was on the line, we came out and played calm and collected and bounced back after every error,” said senior Alexis Stucky.

It isn’t always easy to stay focused and keep fighting when you are so close to the chance of losing it all, but Laramie managed to hold their own.

With head coach Jill Stucky, the team has pulled out two back-to-back state titles, and one undefeated season. 

Volleyball has a different environment surrounding it, stemming from the support and excitement shown after every point.

The recent success of their team and the bond these players have made with one another creates a strong team dynamic.

“My favorite part about volleyball is the team aspect of it. In no other sport do you get to celebrate with your teammates after every point. There’s no way for your team to be successful unless everyone does their job. I love when we all get on the same page and do extra work to be the best players we can be,” said Stucky.

Along with the teams win, Taylor Tyser, a junior, and seniors Alexis Stucky and Halley Feezer all reached their 1000th career dig, with Feezer earning hers previously in the season. 

Moving forward, the girls are focusing on the next season without their existing six seniors.

“The thing I’m going to miss most about this team is the people. There is something really special about playing with the people you grew up with. I loved playing with my sister and my best friends and I love playing for my mom. Also, the Laramie community is one of a kind and we always have a ton of fans, regardless of how far the drive is,” said Stucky.

The current seniors have been a huge impact for this team, and the next year without them will certainly be a big change.

The remaining players and staff are prepared and excited to continue the future seasons, and see where the team will go in the years to come.

With that the 2021 volleyball season has come to an end.