By: Emma Schutterle 

Laramie High School started the 2021-2022 with their first game on Friday, November 5. 

The Laramie Outlaws hockey team, consisting of seven seniors and twenty players total, opened with a home game at the Laramie Ice and Event Center.

They will play around 20 games this year, and many of the players will go on to play on the 19 and under Wyoming state team later this year. 

Senior and member of the Laramie Outlaws, Emmaline Randall, has been on the hockey team for the past five years. 

“I love hockey. I’ve been playing since around 7th grade, like five years total. I just really enjoyed it when I started, so I wanted to keep playing. I’ve been playing for the second least amount of time on my team, so we definitely know what we’re doing, at least most of the time,” Randall said.

The announcement of the 2021 hockey season also caught the attention of the non-participating students of LHS as well.

Many students attended the game with their friends or as part of the student section, who went to support the outlaws and create a large crowd to show their excitement for the rest of the season. 

With many senior players graduating this year, several spots are opening up for new recruits in the following 2022-2023 season.

“I would definitely recommend hockey to anyone who wants to play. It is hard at first but it’s super fun and gets easier the longer you play. And it’s pretty manageable with a school or work schedule, because the practices are late and the games are on weekends, sometimes late on Fridays too,” Randall said.

While hockey often doesn’t interfere with many players’ school and work schedules, many of the seniors participating are faced with the decision of whether or not they will continue playing throughout their college careers.

“I will be playing hockey in college, but it is definitely not going to be my main focus. I’m going to college in Minnesota, so I’m planning to play there next fall, depending on if they have good teams or not,” Randall said.

The start of the season also means that the end is coming soon.

Many of the seniors are looking at this season as the last season they might ever play.

Once the season ends, many members of the team won’t get the chance to play together again.

“I’m super excited about this season, for sure. It is going to be the last time that I probably ever play with some of these people again. It is kind of bittersweet, because I am excited to play in college but I am going to miss playing with my team here,” Randall said.

With the knowledge of the impending season end, players and students from LHS are working to make sure that this is the best season they have had yet.

The Outlaws will continue to play their hardest and, to the best of their ability to ensure that it will be a great season.