By Griffin Webb 

The Laramie student body has had a great student section turnout for the beginning of this 2021 year for multiple sports. 

Due to COVID restrictions for the students are different this year, the students who participate in the student section are required to wear masks.  

“Masks are encouraged to be worn but aren’t mandatory for you to come to the games,” senior Diego Medina said. 

Despite COVID challenges the Plainsmen body has had great success in getting students out to cheer on their team.  

“We have had great numbers and were surprised how many kids are still coming to the games,” Medina said.

A lot of students have been attending games because they have not been able to in the past few years due to COVID. 

The Laramie student section has had different themes this year such as a beach theme, frat theme, white out, pink out, and jersey theme.  

“The white out was my favorite theme because I got to wear a cow costume,” Medina said.  

These themes change year to year. 

This week Laramie volleyball team will be taking on Kelly Walsh and the theme for this week will be pink out to spread awareness for cancer in the month of October.  

“For October we are wearing pink because October is cancer awareness month,” Medina said.  

The students wearing pink illustrates how much the Laramie student body cares about awareness of the community. 

In years past Laramie did not have the student section they would have hoped for because COVID did not allow them to attend games to cheer on their school.  

“This is the biggest student section we have had the whole time in high school,” Medina said. 

The section is full; kids of all grades are showing up to sit and enjoy their home team. 

Students have been attending the football and volleyball games this year.  

As the last football game takes place, they will be focusing on cheering the volleyball team (who is the defending state champions).  

“Watching the volleyball team win all their games is exiting and a lot of people show up for them,” Medina said. 

Students are not required to join or sit with this section but are encouraged to join in rooting for their home team.  

“There are about 40 kids in the student section per game, and sometimes there’s even more,” Medina said. 

Many of the students like participating in this because it is a good way to be around your community and friends to root for your team. 

The section does push-ups for how many points their team has when there are breaks in the game play.  

They have many chants that they do before each set or play, and it annoys the other team and helps their home team.  

“I love doing chants because it gets everybody hype and throws the other team off,” Medina said.