By: Kayley Yother

In the upcoming weeks, the Laramie High School Best Buddies club is excited to be planning and hosting events for Halloween and beyond. 

Most people who are not a part of best buddies at LHS do not really know what the program is or what members do in the Best Buddies class. 

One of the students who helps run the Best Buddies club, Emma Schutterly, enjoys helping where ever and whenever she can by showing up to meetings, and interacting with the members. 

“Best Buddies is a group where both gen ed. kids and PLS students do activities together for fun,” Schutterly said. 

Schutterly has been in the club for 4 years now, joining her Freshmen year, and believes that the program has allowed her to reach out and help the PLS students of LHS. 

The goal is to allow the students in special education classes to interact with the other kids in the high school, since they often have classes apart from the rest of the student body. 

However, unlike other clubs at LHS, Best Buddies does not have a regular meeting schedule. 

They often meet outside of school, on various days of the week due to a large number of the members participating in other school activities including clubs and sports.

This upcoming week of the October 18, they are meeting at the Lodge Nutrition and Energy to share lunch with their buddies. 

“We usually talk about upcoming events and then hangout with our buddies and eat lunch,” Schutterly said. 

Looking into the future, with Halloween in two weeks, the Best Buddies are trying to get some events up and running. 

After the LHS DECA Club decided to cancel the LHS Trunk or Treating event, in which Best Buddies has participated in the past, the club is unsure what to do to celebrate the holiday. 

However, the club currently plans to have an event on the 28th to get the members together and meet all of the new 2021-2022 inductees. 

But, the program is not only for students; teachers can help out as well. 

LHS teachers Mrs. Gamroth and Mrs. Woodall are the primary leaders of the club. 

However, they do still encourage student leadership. 

Junior, Paysen Witte is the club president, so she’s in charge of what happens and which events they participate in when it comes to the in-school time with the Best Buddies students. 

But the members can also interact with each other outside of the designated club time. 

“Most of the members do things with their buddies outside of school like movies or bowling,” Schutterly said. 

Doing this allows for more time to be spent with the buddies and for the friendships between buddies to become even stronger. 

Even though hours are limited, making time to be apart of Best Buddies shows the dedication that the students have towards their community and how important they feel it is to make a positive impact in their school.