By: Natalie Jo Six

The Laramie High School National Honor Society held a trash clean-up day on April 24.

The trash clean-up day started at 10 a.m., beginning near Spring Creek Elementary along boulder drive, and finishing near Grand Avenue. Students were picking up trash for around four hours.

In addition to cleaning up the community, the trash clean-up day also allowed NHS students who had not yet completed their community services hours, due on May 1 to get in final hours. NHS members are required to have eight personal community service hours.

“I think it was really a good way to help our community, by making it prettier and cleaner, and also help those in NHS that needed extra service hours,” senior NHS member Kalli Perantoni said.

Throughout the year there are meetings that consist of deciding what community services the group could perform and how they will benefit the community.

“This year we have been the most active, and this chapter has been the most beneficial in several years. We are really proud of that, and the ways we have continued our community service have [been different] from former years,” Perantoni said.

The community service must be justified, by not just helping LHS, but the community of Laramie, Wyo. This community service day did not count towards the mandatory group project, but towards individual hours.

The trash clean-up day hours did not include the mandatory group project hours. Hosting the trash clean up was a way to full fill service time. The mandatory group project was a sock and underwear drive, that was paired with Laramie Foster Closet, held in February.

NHS focuses on teaching and learning the values of leadership, scholarship, service, and character. NHS creates opportunities for scholarships form colleges, and lifelong values when being a part of the club.

To get into NHS a student must apply. Acceptance is decided by grade point average, community service, extracurricular activities and achievements. Decisions are made by the advisors, Andrea Wilkison, and Donna Solverud, both teachers at LHS.

The program is for high school students and in all 50 states, in some territories in Canada, and in more countries around the world,

It has been difficult remaining active as a club during COVID times with many different changes and struggles that NHS has faced. The meetings have been virtual, but the group has maintained the time and effort as normal.

Fundraising for NHS has been a challenge due to all new requirements and restrictions added to this year. Normal fundraising through bake sales and in person events have not been completed because of COVID restrictions.

“National Honor Society in Laramie High School this year should be incredibly proud of how normal we have been able to keep this year, and how active we have been able to be, where as many other clubs have not been as active as National Honor Society,” Perantoni said.