By: Maddie Thomas

In the American Government and Politics classes at Laramie High School, students are learning about the economy and it’s importance.

American Government and Politics classes just got done with a unit about the economy including topics such as the federal budget, tools of economic regulation and policies.

As students who are growing into young adults, learning about the economy and how it is significant could be considered important for anyone learning how to be a part of today’s society.

Learning how the economy works and factors contributing to it could be useful for many reasons.

Besides just teaching students who are curious, it could benefit the young adults wanting to choose a career that has to do with the economy or young adults wanting to be involved with the economy in the future.

In many ways, the economy effects everyone’s life.

From just having a job and getting paid to buying something at the grocery store, parts of the economy are almost everywhere and having at least a little background knowledge could help students succeed in multiple different ways.

Students were able to learn about stocks while the unit about the economy was going on.

Students were also able to learn about the amount of debt the U.S is currently facing.