By: Priya Chaudhari

The art classes at Laramie High School encourages students to explore
multiple mediums and art styles

According to the 2D art teacher Justin Deegan, students should explore other
mediums because it allows them to expand their possibilities.

“Art is for the individual and for people to share but not [to] compete against
each other,” Deegan said.

Experimenting with new mediums allows students to find out what they are
good at as well as what they like.

According to Deegan, good art is made by commitment to the piece and
trying their best.

In order to decide which pieces go out into the school hallways, Deegan
looks at how much the student was committed to the piece as well as how well
they followed the rubric.

Students that create art about their life tend to have a bigger commitment to
their pieces and try harder.

Deegan says that this is why students should try and relate their pieces to
their lives.

When students are continually challenged they are able to learn more about
different art styles and what suits them best.

According to Deegan all art is learned, an artists’ skill level can be increased
through a larger time commitment.

Students that go home and continue to draw will learn at a faster rate
compared to others.

Students should be willing to push themselves and take risks, as well as
explore new materials.

Recently they have taken inspiration from Alexa Meade, who paints on top
of people to make them look like paintings.

The class painted on top of food in order to make the food look like a

The drawing classes are working on drawing from a reference, while the
painting class is finishing up acrylics.

Students are also allowed to use digital tools in order to create their pieces.

They can start with a piece and then transfer it over to a digital app to enhance it.

The art room is available to all students. Students that do not have time to
take the extracurricular can still come in to work on their pieces.

“Art is much more free, there’s not a lot of answers on how it’s supposed to
be… it’s so open and free for students to make choices,” Deegan said.

According to Deegan, learning by mimicking others’ art styles is not bad,
however students should slowly develop their style towards what they like.

When students begin creating pieces they should have some sort of
inspiration. They should find out what appeals to them.

“Taking art as inspiration and not just taking art,” Deegan said.

Some students have plans for their piece while others create organically,
finding out what they are doing as they go.

Deegan teaches 2D art, both drawing and painting, as well as advanced art.
He has been teaching for 15 years.

He has been teaching for two years at LHS and has also taught at both
elementary and middle school levels.