By: Isabelle Spivey

Laramie High School’s Garden Club has plans to expand their projects with
trees and art for this coming spring.

Bryon Lee, the Garden Club leader at LHS, announced plans to team up with
the LHS art teacher to create a mural in the gardening area.

The club is about teaching and exposing students to growing produce, it’s
also a place where students can hang out and garden.

Lee has plans to plant fruit trees and some shrubs.

Lee also hopes to get other classes involved such as agriculture, cooking and
science to help get more students participating.

“We’ll work with Mr. Deegan’s art class to have a mural back there just to
create a cool place, a courtyard to hang out and enjoy,” Lee said.

The club came up with the idea of having a farmers market and selling the
produce as a way to fundraise in the near future for the trees and shrubs.

The woodshop class has helped build the trellises, the science, technology,
engineering and math (STEM) class has also helped by starting seeds and sampling

Garden Club was established three years ago by a community member from
the Laramie Rivers Conservation District (LRDC).

She was able to get a grant from the Albany County School District to build
a geo dome which members now use for growing the plants. The grant also
provided the club with supplies such as gardening tools, hoses, soil and fertilizer.

“Since then, the garden club has tried to write little grants or reached out to
local nurseries,” Lee said.

Some local businesses have donated to the club. ACE Hardware offered
them $100 in credit for gardening supplies at their store.

In order to make these new ideas happen, Lee expects the club to start
fundraising, “especially with budget cuts happening for our district…and for the
state of Wyoming,” Lee said.

The club is going to start reaching out to parents and students for help.

The club currently donates the produce, gives it to the culinary students at
LHS and shares it among the members.

They also will give away produce to students as well. They grow vegetables
like squash, tomatoes, green beans, peas and zucchini.

“We were able to grow like jalapenos, lots of tomatoes, onions and cilantro
so we made picho de gallo that day… it was so great,” Lee said.

Lee’s favorite part of the club is being able to work with students and get to
know them on a different level, “honestly it’s been great too, to work with kids,”
Lee said.

Difficulties with the new LHS hybrid schedule made meeting hard to
arrange, they had to be flexible so as many members could attend as possible.

They now meet during lunch on Fridays at 10:30 a.m. The club currently has
13 members and there is open enrollment; anyone can join at any time