FFA State

By: Colter Harvey

The Laramie High School FFA team won more categories at this years state competition than they have in the last decade.

Danielle Kunkle has led the FFA team for 16  years putting in the same hard work that the students have to.

“The kids have been working really hard since February 1 and their work really paid off yesterday,” Kunkle said.

The Laramie High School FFA team went to the state FFA convention.

“State FFA convention this year went very well for the high school, we had five teams with a total of 20 kids on them get crowned state champs with three reserve champions while one was an individual contest,” Kunkle said.

Forty-eight students competed in the state FFA competition out of the 130 FFA members in the building.

“We have 130 FFA students in the building with ⅔ being active, we took 48 different students competing in contests this week,” Kunkle said.

The FFA team won the most ever events in the last decade winning five out of the six that were available.

“There were 6 contests that announced winnings yesterday and we were only entered in five of those, we won all of the contests we were in,” Kunkle said.

In order to compete at the state competition, students have to be in FFA but do not have to meet many other requirements.

“You have to be an FFA member and participate on those teams that are going, we don’t just take kids to take kids,” Kunkle said.

Winning state is always a huge accomplishment for the school, students and the coaches.

“To hear your kids’ names called and your teams do well that’s an exciting thing to see your work pay off, especially not getting to do any of it last year,” Kunkle said.

Kenadi Olaveson has been a member for five years and wants to continue for as long as she can.

“The FFA alumni is something that I will be a part of in the future throughout the rest of my life and I’m thinking about coming back next year,” Olaveson said. 

Every year the high school has had at least one winning team in the 13 different contests.

“Winning state is a little bit different because it is individual teams but we won sweepstakes one time, there are 13 contests and we won a majority of the contests but every year we usually have people win in their contests,” Olaveson said.