Musical Theater’s: Something Rotten

By: Reese Olson

Laramie High School Musical Theater is performing a production of “Something Rotten” on April 22-24 at 7 p.m. in the LHS theater.

Due to Covid-19, the seating is spread out, however, families and groups can sit together, and everyone in the audience and cast must wear masks.

Declan O’Conner is playing the part of Nigel Bottom.

“A shy writer trying to come up with something, while falling in love,” O’Conner said.

This production has a different storyline from past productions put on by Musical Theater at LHS.

“The musical is set in the time period of the renaissance and is about two brothers, Nick and Nigel Bottom, trying to write a play while in the shadow of William Shakespeare. Desperate to find out what the next big hit in theater will be, Nick goes to Soothsayer to find it. The Soothsayer informs him the next big thing in theater will be Musicals. So, they go off to write the very first one,” O’Conner said.

Six other main parts are being played in the production along with Nigel Bottom.

Nick Bottom is being played by Ryan Chamberlain, Shakespeare by Connor Durkee, Bea Bottom by Katie Kvenild, Portia by Kiera Bailey, Nostradamus by Libby Moore and Brother Jeremiah by Ethan Williams.

Musical Theater has been rehearsing for this production since the beginning of Feb.

Each production has its own obstacles the class must overcome during rehearsals to get it to performance ready.

“It is a very heavy Musical, with lots of tap dancing and hard choreography, so I would say dance is the hardest part,” O’Conner said.

Performing can be quite breathtaking, but nerve-racking and stressful for many students as well.

“I sing a lot in this show, and my parts are quite high. It is hard to hit those notes sometimes, but I am mostly excited,” O’Conner said.

With each Musical, there is something different with each story plot or narrative that draws the audience in and catches their attention.

“Something Rotten” has its own unique portrayal that intrigues the crowd.

“It is really funny, and I think it is going to make the audience laugh. When you think of Shakespeare sort of plays, you may think of it as being hard to follow and confusing, but this play sort of makes fun of that and it makes funny references to many historical events,” O’Conner said.

Students take Musical Theater because it is exhilarating and rewarding.

“The people involved are my favorite, they are all fun to be around, and it is just fun to go out on stage and do what I love doing,” O’Conner said.

Being a part of theater takes a lot of confidence and self-discipline.

Some begin theater at a young age, while others do not start until later in life.

“I first became interested in theater in fourth grade when we did a production called ‘The Faux News Blues’ with Studio 253,” O’Conner said.