Art Convention 

By Mischa Yurista 

On April 23, Laramie High School students will have the chance to participate in the 53rd annual High School Art Symposium in Casper, Wyo.  

The Art Symposium is a yearly art show for Wyoming high school students held in the Ford Wyoming Center –previously known as the Casper Event Center.  

The show starts on April 22, with the hanging of the artwork, and lasts until midday on April 24, when it is all taken down.  

On April 23, LHS students will visit the Symposium and have the chance to tour the center.  

Throughout the event, students and teachers will also have the chance to vote for artwork.  

Each attending art teacher will receive 10 stickers with which to mark the pieces that most stood out to them.  

Winning pieces will receive ribbons.  

Scholarships can also be awarded to students with selected artwork.  

There will be pieces selected as the “Governor’s picks,” which are selected by the Governor’s wife and receive a cash prize.  

Each year, roughly 5,000 pieces of artwork are submitted by students all across the state.  

In order to have their art presented, LHS students must ask either Rebecca Watson or Justin Deegan, LHS art teachers, to be featured.  

“Anybody can submit art. They don’t have to be in an art class, and so if they want to bring in pieces… we will put them in the show,” Watson said.  

Watson has not yet selected any pieces to be taken, but is already expecting artwork from several students.  

Deegan has also had a number of art pieces catch his attention.  

One piece in particular is a drawing on black paper depicting a student’s interpretation of Aztec mythology; it includes five Aztec gods and landscapes.  

The depth of creation in particular stood out to Deegan. 

Another piece is a sculpture in which a student is expressing something that has happened in her life.  

“…[S]he took the time to like really step outside of what she’d been doing and kinda embraced making art about herself,” Deegan said.  

Deegan also thinks that the Symposium presents an accessible opportunity for art students to bring their art outside of the art room and building to share it with others.   

Additionally, it allows students to observe the work of other students in the state and stay inspired to create art.  

“…[K]ind of the idea of just using it as motivation to just inspire them to keep creating and maybe find ideas, and like take from other student’s ideas on how you can incorporate their ideas into your own,” Deegan said.  

It is also Deegan’s first year taking art to the Symposium, giving him the chance to meet other Wyoming art teachers and reach out to them.  

In order to allow for COVID-19 precautions, only 24 students will be allowed to attend.  

Students will ride to and from Casper by bus, with one student per seat to allow for physical distancing; mask policies will also be enforced.