Prom 2021

By: Lina Woelk

The plan for Prom was discussed on March 24 at Laramie High School, detailing the itinerary and dates for the upcoming event.

Danielle Halsey, the main planner of the high school Prom discussed when and where the dance will take place.

“The Prom will take place on May 1st, and it will probably still be from 8-11, like it’s always been,” Halsey said.

Halsey talked about the location, which has yet to be decided due to limited capacity rules amidst the pandemic.

“We will have a decision by next week. Right now, really we’re just looking for the venue that will allow for the most people, so that all of the students that want to go can go. That means it will likely be held here at LHS,” Halsey said.

Grace Abawe, the president of the student council, expressed her concerns with the pandemic regulations and the rules that will be put in place.

“I am concerned that people will have a hard time wearing their masks (which are required). We will implement some sort of policy, like you get one warning if you take your mask off for no reason and if you do it again we’ll have to ask you to leave the dance,” Abawe said.

Halsey stated that the theme for the 2021 Prom is going to be the “Roaring 20’s”, an ode to this past year and a half.

“The theme is the Roaring 20’s. This was a theme that we kind of started with last year, and since we never got to do it and we had all the decorations, we’re just going to keep rolling with it, because it seems appropriate considering how this year has gone so far,” Halsey said.

According to Abawe, the Grand March, a staple event in the Prom, is still being figured out.

“I think we’ll do a Grand March, but I can’t promise it because we would typically do the March at the High School, but we don’t know for sure where it will be held if the dance is also at the High School. We will try our best to figure it out,” Abawe said.

As for Prom royalty, there will still be crownings for the King and Queen, and the rest of the Court.

“There will be a Prom Court. As far as we know, the only thing that will be different about Prom this year is that there will be masks. Other than that, we’re hoping to hold a normal Prom,” Halsey said.

Abawe initially discussed ticket prices, which will most likely be the same as prices before.

“We haven’t decided for sure yet but typically they’re traditionally $25.00,” Abawe said.

Students wanting to know more about prom should be receiving information by the end of next week, or in the first week of April.

This year’s Prom will be the first dance held after the cancellation of the 2020 Prom and Homecoming due to the Covid-19 pandemic regulations.