By Alaska Thomson

Play auditions will take place the first week of December at Laramie High School.

The play is a comedy called “Blithe Spirit.”

The play is about a paranormal writer who uses a psychic to try to bring back his deceased ex-wife while he has been remarried. The play takes place in Brittan and all the actors must use a British accent.

Actors will be required to perform one of the character’s monologues. The students will be able to choose a day and time to audition.

Students will have to memorize the audition monologue quickly because the audition forms were given out only a week ago.

There aren’t that many characters in the play so there may have to be understudies especially since people are getting quarantined from Covid-19.

The actors will still be required to social distance and wear masks while on stage.

The theater program also has a backup plan. If they can’t practice and preform it in person, then they will practice over call. They will maybe even preform it virtually.

The theater is having to try new things since acting with a mask isn’t easy. Also, acting without being able to touch anyone makes it that much harder.

When it is time for the auditions, Hancey will call up one student at a time. The student will then do their audition and leave. Hancey may have some students come back if he can’t figure out who would be a better fit in the role, who would have the most chemistry, and would work the best with each other.

After all the auditions are finished, he will figure out who gets each character. Then he will post a cast list of who got each part on his office door for the students to see.

After the roles are set in place the actors will practice their lines and acting for many days to perfect a show for the Laramie community.

Tickets will be available online only with a limited supply.

Since Covid-19, less than half of the theater can be occupied and with their new online tickets less contact is needed to go see the play. After each performance, the seats will be sanitized.

The play is a way for anyone to come and join the theater community without having to take a theater class like Drama or Musical Theater. There will be no grades.