By: Thomas Faber

A pair of Laramie High School students have founded a nonprofit organization to help people in crisis.

With the country of Yemen in political and social upheaval, LHS seniors Grace Abawe and Rebecca Lyford have sprung into action.

The two have created a nonprofit organization, the RGLA Foundation, aimed at helping the citizens of Yemen and the world.          

In the fifth year of the war, Yemen is facing a terrible famine as well as civil unrest with no end in sight.

The foundation was created when both students agreed that a local relief effort for the humanitarian crisis was necessary and they began to brainstorm ways to help.

The duo came up with the idea to raise money to send to the World Food Program through the sale of Pura Vida bracelets.

The bracelets are available to anyone, and all proceeds will go towards helping those most affected in the war-torn country.

However, the aid doesn’t stop with just the donation of money. The pair are planning to help continue to raise awareness of those in need through social media and other media outlets.

They hope to get the community and eventually as many people as possible involved in the humanitarian effort.

The duo also hopes to expand the effort to help people all across the globe.

“At first, we thought that we should just raise money and awareness for those in crisis in Yemen, but eventually we thought that we could start an entire nonprofit focused on helping humanitarian causes in general,” Abawe said.

This allows them to continue to aid those in crisis all around the world, even after this initial fundraiser has concluded.

They believe that as high schoolers it is important to get involved in world affairs and make a difference.

Further, as a younger generation, we have the resource of social media to help give perspective and promote awareness, with the ultimate goal of helping those in need.

“I think that students are really good at raising awareness through social media and making connections to help others,” Abawe said.

The hope is that students can get involved in a variety of ways, not only by potentially buying a bracelet but resharing and reposting their message of hope on social media.

They believe that awareness and getting involved in the global community is very important as high schoolers and encourage all students to increase their awareness.

Looking to the future, they plan to expand the reach of those they can help and increase the size of their team.

This would give further insight into changing the world around them and helping those who need it the most.

Though no other fundraisers are on the books, the team is looking forward to continuing their aid in humanitarian efforts. 

The two are happy to make any difference, no matter how small.

“Even if we can make a small impact, I would be extremely happy with that,” Abawe said.