Seats for ACT testing on Dec. 12 at Laramie High School fill up quickly, as more testing facilities around the country are shut down.

Although the sign-up deadline for the Dec. 12 ACT is on Nov. 20, seats are already filled up. The spread of COVID-19 has caused many testing facilities to shut down, but LHS continues to stay open for ACT testing.

The next available ACT testing date in Laramie is not until Feb. 6. Students who want to take the ACT on this date must register by Jan. 15.

There will also be ACT testing dates in Laramie on April 17, June 12 and July 17.

More information about upcoming testing dates, ACT registration, and test scores can be found at

Students who still need to register for the ACT can sign up on the website.

Registration will take around 30 minutes, and a $55 fee will be required.

LHS counselor Kimberly Dale recommends that seniors register for the ACT early, before seats fill up.

“As locations close, students [outside of Laramie] filter to LHS, filling up our seats, making it more challenging for our students. Since testing facilities have closed in Colorado and Cheyenne, we have a lot of those students taking the ACT in Laramie,” Dale said.

Dale explains how the school has been able to follow CDC and local public heath guidelines to stay open and offer a safe testing experience for staff and students.

“The school has limited classrooms to 12 students per room, where students are maintaining six feet distancing and wearing masks,” Dale said.

With the spread of COVID-19, some students may not have access to ACT testing. Because of this, many colleges/universities will not require students to submit ACT scores when applying.

Although some colleges will not require scores, students should still take the ACT.

According to the ACT website, “Scores from the ACT provide valuable college and career insights, a clear path to scholarship opportunities, and the chance to be identified and recruited by colleges.”

The ACT is an entrance exam for colleges and universities that measures a high school students’ knowledge and readiness for college.

Studying for the ACT can be a difficult and vigorous process. In order to prepare for the ACT, LHS students can use Naviance.

Naviance is a free ACT test preparation program that is available to all LHS students. Naviance allows students to study for the ACT by taking practice tests, playing games, using flashcards and working through study programs.

Students can also use Naviance to find college and career pathways, scholarship opportunities and to plan out which courses they need in order to meet graduation and entrance requirements for colleges they want to attend.

Students can go to the ACSD#1 website to find instructions on how to log into their Naviance account