By: Reghan Eaton

Algebra 3 with Trigonometry students are currently studying high order polynomials, a study that will take them further into real world math.

Jennifer Taufa is one of the teachers for Algebra 3 with Trig.

“This is the first year I have taught this course, so I am still learning the flow of the class, but I am looking forward to teaching the exponents and logarithms unit along with the Game of Life,” Taufa said. “Trigonometry will be a challenge for me because it has been a long time since I have taught Trigonometry and/or used it! But I am excited to re-learn and teach this subject,” Taufa concluded.

The focus in this class is to further the knowledge of Trig. in the real world.

“The real-world application of higher order polynomials of quadratics is used in problems ranging from projectile motion to scaling pictures taken from drones. We learn things like how does the area in the picture scale to the actual area of the land?” Taufa said.

Third degree polynomials and higher are used in design work, from bridges and buildings to computer game design.

Algebra 3 with Trig. is a course taken to further students’ mathematical knowledge.

“For most students Algebra 3 with Trig is a steppingstone to college algebra or Calculus 1 if they decide to go to college,” Taufa said. Math, engineering, medicine and science majors will require students to take up to Calculus 1. Some must take through Calculus 3. The Algebra 3 class at LHS is meant to help students develop math and study skills to move onto to these advanced math courses.”

This course at LHS is not required but some students might be interested because they can look forward to learning advanced math/algebra.

This class also offers students a chance to play The Game of Life.

In The Game of Life project, students are given life scenarios like rent/mortgages, credit card debt, student loan debt, salary, buying a car, paying for insurance and must work to figure out monthly payments and interest paid.

Students will also look at trigonometry in more depth than their Geometry classes.

A student’s view on this class is that it helps them prepare for more of the real world.

Abby Sharp takes the class because she wants to be a scientist.

“They [high order polynomials] are hard to work on but once you understand them it’s easier to understand the concept behind them,” Sharp said.

Some students have taken this class to get all the credits they need for the Hathaway.

“I needed a fourth math credit for graduation and the Hathaway scholarship, and it seemed easier than the other options for higher level math classes,” student Jenna McConnell said. “I’ve learned a lot about different ways to solve complex equations, and so far, our focus has been a lot about quadratics which I’ve found especially hard. I hope to come away from this class having a decent idea of math overall.”