By Emma Wookey

Laramie High school offers multiple art classes, including Rebecca Watson’s two dimensional studio arts class.

Watson’s class provides the opportunity to express creativity through art. Specifically through using different materials like matches, wire and clay.

Watson has been teaching the 2D studio art class at LHS for two years. The average number of students that take Watson’s class ranges between fifteen and twenty-four kids per class.

This is an elective open for anyone; no prerequisite are required to take this class.

One current project Watson’s class has been working on is wire sculptures. For instance, a wire sculpture can be of a scene of two people sitting at a park bench talking to one another.

The way that students go about making a sculpture is they get out wire and pliers, and they bend it to look like a person, animal or figure of their imagination.

Then students set the scene or the mood for their creation, and then create props to make it feel more alive and real.

The size of the wire sculptures can range from large to small depending on what the student wants but they are never human size.

Watson really enjoys the time she gets to spend with each new set of students.

“It has quickly become one of my favorite classes, because we get to work with so many different mediums,” Watson said.

Every student that is doing “in-person” days only goes two in class work days per week, which means that class time is limited.

Last year before the coronavirus hit, every student that went to school had four in-school days to work on projects.

Every year around LHS, Watson and Justin Deegan, the other art teacher, put their students’ work into glass showcases around the school. It can be anything from paintings to pottery.

This allows the whole school to enjoy a diverse web of artwork and creativity throughout the school day.

Watson also teaches advanced pottery, pottery one, and a sculpting class.