By: Isabel Duff

Students and parents of Laramie High School are encouraged to buy a copy of the 2020- 2021 yearbook. The link to buy a yearbook can be found on the LHS website in the section titled “Yearbook Information.”

Patty Smith, the LHS staff member in charge of the yearbook, says that the process of buying a yearbook is easy and efficient.

“This has been awesome because people can access it at home, and your receipt is sent to you on your phone,” Smith said. “It’s very convenient.”

One yearbook costs $60, but a variety of additional yearbook accessories can be purchased as well.

If students or parents are unable to purchase a yearbook online, they can talk to Smith in room 2079 or to a member of the yearbook staff.

Smith also encourages seniors to submit their senior photos to the yearbook. The link to submit senior photos can be found on the LHS website under “Yearbook Information.”

Senior photos are due by Nov. 15, and it is important that seniors remember to submit their photos before this date.

Parents and guardians who are interested can buy space for baby pictures as well. 

The baby ads can be a collection of pictures from the student’s childhood, pictures of their accomplishments, or just their baby photos.

The pictures will be published in the final yearbook, but they are kept secret from the seniors in order to surprise them.

The link to buy a baby ad can also be found on the LHS website in the “Yearbook Information” section.

The yearbook staff has been working diligently to create the yearbook this year, and Smith says that the 2020-2021 yearbook will have some differences from the previous years.

For example, the yearbook will have a slightly different layout than usual. It will also have a different type of cover design.

The yearbook staff has been creative in designing the new yearbook cover, and Smith says that it is something they are very proud of.

“They wanted it to look like Laramie High School,” Smith said. “We spent a lot of time designing this. It’s also going to be a really cool texture; we’re really excited about it.”

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, many school clubs and activities have faced some unexpected challenges, and the yearbook team is no exception.

Because many school events have been postponed, cancelled or rescheduled, the yearbook team has had to be more flexible in order to get the pictures and information that they need.

However, the team is prepared to work around this, and they have high hopes.

“This year we’re really proud of our cover, and we have a lot of talent and dedication on the yearbook staff,” Smith said. “Even though we do have some complications, I think it’s going to be a great year.”