By: Rebecca Lyford

The Laramie High School students of Spanish Honors Society recently designed and sold
craft bags for Dia de los Muertos.

SHS is a club that Spanish students are inducted into once they have taken a certain
number of years of Spanish, have received a high enough grade in the class, and have received a teacher recommendation.

Their purpose is to increase community outreach and foster cultural awareness in Laramie.

The craft bags they sold were a project made as a Halloween activity for kids during the
Covid season, since many Halloween activities will not happen.

“We put a bunch of crafts they could do in a bag…and filmed YouTube tutorials for them
to follow, and we hope that…it is a fun activity that they can do over the weekend when they
would have been Trick-or-Treating,” the President of SHS, Harlie Kaligis, said.

Día de los Muertos translates to “Day of the Dead” which celebrates relatives that have died and the journey back to their families.

Ofrendas are made of pictures, flowers, food, and other possessions which are put together to honor and celebrate the people who have died.

The craft bags contained skull masks to color, coloring sheets that represent the
celebration, and supplies to make piñatas.

When the project was started, the annual event of Trunk-Or-Treat (a Trick-Or-Treat event
run by LHS clubs) was not yet determined to happen.

In past years, SHS has decorated their trunk with a Día de los Muertos theme and decided
to create the craft bags as an alternative to the event.

Each bag was $10, and 38 bags were ordered in total.

The money they earned will be used for future projects and purchasing the supplies they
need for future events.

“Normally we would do Trunk-Or-Treat and we also have… Artesanías de Navidad which is the Christmas craft activity we have every year. That’s where… elementary school kids would come in and we would have different kinds of Christmas crafts from the Spanish speaking world and we would make them hot chocolate and quesadillas,” Kaligis said.

Their main yearly event is International Night which takes place in the Spring.

For this event, members of the club make all kinds of foods from all over the world.

Those who bought tickets for the event would also experience a range of performers such
as Irish Dancers or the well-known Paul Taylor.

In addition, the club is working on a project to teach Spanish to younger kids in the

According to Kaligis, “[Teaching Spanish] is something we have in the works right now that we will have to push back a little bit, but are hoping will still happen. That would be over Zoom.”

SHS club members are not sure what other events they will be able to do the rest of the
year, but are hoping to create more craft bags for other holidays and celebrations of the Spanish speaking world.