During this tough time, it is very important that students and teachers are able to stay in touch with friends and family and to keep busy.


There are many ways that the students and teachers can keep busy and stay in touch with their friends and family.


While at home Cathleen Rooney, a junior at Laramie High School, likes to garden. She has been growing herbs, and has a cactus and two succulents. When it’s sunny and warm she goes outside.


“I like to do my homework outside if I can, and play soccer with my brother,” Rooney said.


While it may not be six feet apart, she usually likes to hang out with her friends and go for a drive or to Starbucks.


“I’ve been doing homework but when I’m not doing homework, I’m watching tv, reading or baking,” Laramie High School Junior Emma Baas said.


She has been going outside and when she does it’s on a hike, a walk or running.


To keep in contact with friends she uses Snapchat or iMessage. She sometimes will Facetime or Skype, but she hasn’t seen any friends in person.


Samuel Rubino, a Laramie High School geometry and algebra teacher, has been mountain biking with his wife on the Schoolyard trails east of Laramie. They also go on late evening walks a few times each week.


“The stars have been really good lately,” Rubino said.


School has been keeping him pretty busy. He’s been working normal school hours, at home of course.


He spends at least half of the day answering emails from students or holding Zoom calls, and the rest of the time monitoring how students are doing on assignments. He also has been making new instructional videos and assignments for the next week of online learning.


“I recently got a home gym so I’m trying to use the early mornings and evenings to stay active,” Rubino said.


He is also building a workshop in his basement; he loves building and restoring bicycles. He has even started a few bike projects that he is excited about.


He is planning to convert a standard single-speed bike to an electric bike. He has spent many fun hours planning and scheming on the design for the electric bike.


He has had many phone conversations with old friends in the past few weeks. He also has had some fun family reunions via Zoom, which has helped them make the best of a hard situation.


He has not been diligent about the six feet apart rule because he doesn’t really think about it.


“I like being around people, so social distancing doesn’t come naturally to me,” Rubino said.


Jack Tanner, a sophomore from Laramie High School, has been learning new skills and relearning or perfecting old ones. He has also been trying to get faster at solving Rubik’s cubes.


He only goes outside to go to the store, his friend’s house and to work.


He mostly stays in contact with his friends through PlayStation parties, Snapchat, and at work.


Kamiel Davis, Laramie high school junior, has been doing school work, watching Netflix and going outside.


“I try to go outside every day to get fresh air,” Davis said.


She does just about anything she can outside. She walks, bikes and goes hiking.


She has been trying to stay six feet apart from people. To do so she usually goes to places where other people aren’t.