The Laramie High School switched to online school starting April 6 to continue school during quarantine as a result of the Corona virus. 

After a two-week quarantine break following spring break, the Albany County School District decided to finish off the rest of the 2019-2020 school year online.

All the students will have to continue all their classes online through the websites Schoology and Canvas. The teacher of each class could decide what platform their class will continue on.

The first week of online schooling was a learning experience. It was different than going to school in person for both students and teachers.

“I think it’s easy to get behind once you get in the groove and the pacing of the classes allow for free time each day,” Austin Howells said.

With online school the high school students are supposed to work online school for around 3-4 hours each day. This is less than the normal school day and allows for the students to have more free time then they would be having to go to school.

Some of the classes can be harder online than in the classroom. Some classes are taking unique ways to continue their classes, and classes such as Learning Support Center don’t have any work because it is a study hall type class.

While some classes are harder, others have been made easier on online.

“I find the classes that don’t spread out their due dates, for example, my geometry class is a bit harder, where as classes like government and politics and chemistry are easier for me because they have clear due dates and instructions and don’t overload me with work,” Howells said.

Most of the classes give due dates for when things are done and all you must do is complete the task by the due date. Some classes have their work due each day while other classes have their due dates at the end of the week.

There are many ways to make sure you complete the work by the due dates. Spend the first part of the week doing the work and rest the last part of the week. Some people write down what to do and when it is due. Some people use the platforms built in calendars to look to see what is due and when, then get the work done by the due date.

“I look at the calendar on the app or website see what’s due that week and spread out the work throughout the week,” Howells said.

Some classes like chemistry are continuing to do labs by watching how the lab happens through a video and filling out a worksheet.

Math classes are doing a similar thing. We might watch a lesson through a video, or use a website, such as Desmos, to learn a math lesson.

The foreign language classes are also continuing with class by lessons. In German the teacher will give them a story to read. The students will then write ten words they don’t know in German and the teacher will then give the meanings of the word in English and give a short quiz what the story was about.

Talking to different people about their thoughts on this online school one thing everyone seems to mention about the bigger workload that some classes are giving them. Some of the classes that use to be less work are now way more work than the students expected from that class.

“Some of the classes gave us more work than we were expected thinking we had more time,” Carl Buckner said.

During online it seems people don’t mind it, but were not expecting much work either.