Laramie High School students are keeping busy and being productive while in quarantine.

With the spread of COVID-19, students have had to adjust to social distancing and online schooling. Students have many different perspectives on the situation.

“It feels like I have been trapped for months with no contact,” junior JJ Contois said.

Not all students have been completely social distancing.

“I can hang out with my boyfriend and a couple close friends,” sophomore Abby Kersey said.

Some parents have allowed their kids to hang out with friends, but others have been stricter and not let their kids go out.

“My parents haven’t let me see anyone at all,” Junior Kylee Cox said.

While being at home for more time than people are typically used to, they have had to find ways to entertain themselves and keep busy. This has given students the chance to try new things and even bring back old hobbies.

“I hang out with my family a lot, go outside like hiking and playing with my dogs, lots of online homework, I started getting into arts and crafts and catching up with my music hobby,” Cox said.

LHS students are managing to connect with their friends and keep their bonds strong. Without being able to hang out with friends and see them everyday students have found other ways to maintain their friendships.

“The different types of social media have been extremely useful. I have zoom calls with my friends and talk to them 24/7. I have also seen people park their cars in a circle so that they can hangout while staying 6 feet apart,” junior Madeline Bershinsky said.

Staying at home as allowed for kids to spend more time with their families. They have found different activities to enjoy with their parents and siblings.

“I have been playing a lot of dominoes with my family and I have had a lot of fun cooking with my mom,” Contois said.

Some students have been spending a lot of time outside and enjoying the nice weather. Tanning has been very popular, but students are also getting exercise doing different things like hiking and going for walks around the neighborhood.

On the other hand, some students have not felt motivated to go outside because they prefer relaxing at home. They may never get the opportunity to just stay at home all the time like this again, so they want to take pleasure the calm environment.

“I haven’t been going outside a lot because I would usually be playing soccer right now but that’s canceled so I just watch Netflix and sleep,” Bershinsky said.

This quarantine has given the students at LHS the challenge of finding ways to keep busy and they have all found their own ways to stay entertained.