Laramie High School students continue to adjust to online learning as schools in the district remain closed through the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Since the two-week spring break extension Albany County students were given, the school board made the decision to keep schools closed for the remainder of the school year at a meeting on April 24. 

This decision was made because the Governor and Superintendent of Public Instruction said at a press conference that took place on April 23 that recent health orders will remain in effect beyond the April 30 expiration date.

Students will continue to use the virtual learning platform that began April 6 of this year. 

As students continue to get used to the new way of education, they continue to find new pros and cons every day.

Laramie High School student Fayth Price is enjoying her virtual learning experience and has easily adjusted to it.

“I try to get most of my schoolwork done at the beginning of the week, so I have more free time for work and other things,” she said.  

Price says that doing all of her assignments at one time results in a less stressful week, and it gives her a peace of mind knowing she is ahead and has time for other activities. 

“Teachers have actually been pretty good at communicating and staying in touch sometimes it can be difficult if I do need help, though.” 

Teachers have been posting weekly updates on platforms such as schoology or canvas to keep students informed on their assignments. Some teachers have even started to use zoom so students can get one on one help from them directly. 

Getting used to this new way of learning is not difficult because students have been using these learning platforms throughout the years of high school, though Price among other students don’t like how not all teachers are on the same page. 

“I would like all the teachers to use the same platform because some teachers use Schoology while others use Canvas, ” she said. “It would be much easier if all our work was in one place.”

While students continue down this new road of learning, teachers have to change the way they are teaching as well.

Student Ashlynn Price has noticed a positive change in the way her work is graded.

“Teachers tend to be more lenient in terms of due dates among other things which is nice because I’m not as stressed throughout the week.” 

Free time during the shutdown of schools is not hard to find.

Some students stay at home to practice social distancing.

They keep themselves entertained through hobbies and getting ahead on schoolwork.

Other students such as Price go out and enjoy nature in a nonpublic environment.

“I have enjoyed going to places like Vedawoo or Curt Gowdy and hiking the different trails,” she said. “I also go fishing with my family which is a good time for us to spend together.” 

While still working in light of the pandemic Price is extremely grateful for her extra family time.

“I used to go from school to work, and I would not get home until pretty late. Sometimes my family would already be asleep, or I would be up late catching up on my schoolwork.”

Online learning is a great form of education but like anything else, has its flaws. 

“Sometimes I catch myself falling behind but it is not difficult to catch back up. This is because all the work for the week is posted on schoology or canvas.”

To some ACSD1 families the closing of schools can be concerning.

Some issues expressed have been feeding kids or not having the proper equipment to enjoy online learning.

Some issues around this have been grab n go lunches throughout town along with checking out equipment for a good virtual learning experience.