The senior class of 2020 has had their year take an unexpected turn in the wake of the COVID-19 virus.
Much of the class of 2020 has had their senior year greatly changed with, proms, spring sports, and school club events all having been cancelled due to the virus and many of them have mixed feelings about it.
Kaden Scovil said that he somewhat enjoys the situation because it allows him to be at home and
away from people, which he greatly likes because he is “super introverted.”
Although Scovil likes being away from people he did say he misses his girlfriend a lot.
“Her parents are kind of paranoid about the virus, so she’s not allowed to leave the house,”
Scovil said.
Marygrace Buckner said that she felt very lonely and shocked.
“I do miss my friends a lot, especially my Girl Scout sisters, choir, and musical theater family. I also miss talking and seeing my teachers and staff members,” Buckner said.
Scarlett Chavez also felt very strongly about the virus impacting her senior year.
“It’s just really frustrating. I completely understand the safety of everything… What makes it
frustrating is how we are going about our education,” Chavez said.
Laramie High School has moved to online schooling for the rest of the school year, with students at
LHS using Canvas and Schoology for their classes where teachers have had to adapt their
classes to fit an online format.
“All of us can do assignments online, it’s nothing new to our generation. The problem comes in
with our focus. We are all used to going to a building and productively learning there. But now
no one is encouraging us to do our work meaning we don’t want to do it,” Chavez said.
Chavez, Matri Foley, and Scovil have all said that they have had an easy time switching to
online schooling. Most have said that their classes are easier compared to when they were
physically going to the LHS building for school.
“I love online schooling because I can focus on what I need to do and I don’t have to waste a lot
of time in a classroom,” Foley said.
The COVID-19 virus has also affected many seniors’ extracurricular activities. Buckner, Chavez,
and Foley have all had their extracurricular activities affected by the virus.
All three girls are in choir. Each girl said that they miss it greatly, as they all like to sing and
enjoyed the songs that they were singing for that class. Now, due to the class being online, the
girls can no longer sing.
Both Buckner and Chavez said that the virus has greatly affected their musical theater activities.
“I was in the middle of musical theater rehearsals for Beauty and the Beast but it got cancelled,
which is really sad,” said Buckner,
“I think this is the part that has impacted me the most. I’m a huge theater person…our spring
show Beauty and the Beast was cancelled. This has been a heartbreak to the entire cast. We have
all been working so hard on it and it was taken away,” Chavez said.
Maitri Foley said that her sports was also affected by the COVID-19 virus.
“My senior season of track was cancelled. I can’t train for my summer weightlifting class,”
Foley said.
Foley, however, also said that she needed this break. She said that she had been so stressed with
all her activities, like school, sports and choir, that the virus created a nice “change of pace” for
The senior class of 2020 has had mixed feelings about the situation they are now in with the
COVID-19 virus. However, they all seem to be adapting as best they can.