The Laramie High School Garden Club started the “Carton to Garden” project earlier this week to raise money for the Garden Club.

The Garden Club was told about the idea for the “Carton to Garden” and wanted to participate in the project.

The “Carton to Garden” project is where a group will take used milk cartons and reuse them to plant crops in.

“The project is called “Carton to Garden”, so we have been working in conjunction with a couple of members from student council who collected milk cartons, washed and trimmed the tops off. The Garden Club will then plant everything from herbs to flowers in these cartons,” Byron Lee said.

The group will then take picture of the project and send them in to receive grant money.

The grant money gained from the project will then help the garden club expand what it plants and more space to plant crops.

The money would help buy more planting troughs for more space to plant a wider variety of crops.

The club would also replace some nearby fruit trees that were killed in the process of building the greenhouse and if they had enough money, they would also buy some more trees to plant around the green house.

The money would also go towards purchase more seeds to plant in the greenhouse and surrounding troughs.

The garden club is hoping to include more of the high school into this project by getting woodworking classes to build planters, and for the art classes to paint a mural on a section of wall.

“The whole idea is to get the other classrooms involved and get students aware of our garden club. Hopefully this will grow our numbers in the club,” Lee said.

With this project Lee hopes it will help to incorporate the club with the community and to bring awareness to the gardening club.

This will also give the artist in the art classes a real-life experience if they choose to go into an art career.

Byron Lee also hopes this project will open the eyes for some of the LHS students to join the club and participate in this project.

The plan with involving the art classes are to create a mural that has a painting aspect with a mountain scene and bigger flowers.

They would also grow their own flowers to lead up to the painting.

Another thing the Garden Club would like to do is grow more food and give some away to the cooking classes or have some sort of community farmers market.

“We would like to be so successful in our harvest that we would have a community farmers market and to provide food for the cooking class to use, ” Lee said.

So far, the garden club is already growing kale, spinach, carrots and cucumbers.

Later in the year the club will plant other crops and come over the summer to water and maintain the plants growing.