Last week was Laramie club swimming State hosted at Laramie High School.

Laramie club swimming is slightly different than the high school swim team. There are a lot more age groups and events.

“[there is] little to, [older] we had forty year olds competing this weekend,” senior Madeline Jablin said.

Club swim is broken up into different groups based on the coaches. 

“There is four different groups,” senior Olivia McPherson said.

With so many different ages in swim they have practices in two different places. The high school swim team only practices in the high school pool.

“We have the two younger groups at the rec center,” McPherson said. “The two older groups are at the high school.”

The high school group does a lot more practicing than the other groups in the club. They practice both in the morning and in the afternoon. While everyone else just does afternoon practices.

The club swim has requirements to get into the club. Swimmers have to have gotten through Swim America to get into club swimming.

“They have to pass a certain level to get to go to club,” McPherson said.

High school swimming is also very competitive compared to club school swimming.

“It is more about the team itself and winning more, compared to club which is more individual,” McPherson said. 

With the multiple options for club swimming, it gives participants more focused competition. While high school swimming participants do wider events.

“For high school there are only  12 total events,” McPherson said. “While club you have a ton.”

Club also goes to harder events that high school does not do.

“In club it goes up all the way to 1650 yards, while in high school season it only goes up to the 500 yards,” McPherson said.

High school swimming lasts for only a couple of months, while club swimming lasts all year.

College recruits are also more likely to look at swimmers if they are in club swim.

“College coaches watch you more in club than in high school,” McPherson said.

With club swim being longer they have two states a year instead of one. They have winter and summer state. Winter and summer state focus on different types of swimming.

“For summer state it is a long course pool, which means it is fifty meters,” McPherson said. “Compared to a short course pool like what [LHS] has.”

 “Laramie hosts winter state and then Gillette gets summer state,” McPherson said.

This is why every spring state swimming comes to Laramie High School. They are the only ones in the state that can hold state meet. 

Laramie did very well this year in this year’s state competition.

“Our club team won the state meet,” Jablin said. “Which it has been awhile. Since 2001 since our club team has won.”

Laramie does well in both club and high school swim competitions.