The Laramie High School Cheer Team competed in Casper in the state cheer leading competition on Mar, 11.

The team left the school on Tuesday Mar, 10 but will compete the following day.

The team has been preparing for the competition since the beginning of their season, which started at the beginning of the school year.

“We’ve practiced twice a week and gone into tedious detail on every small portion of the entire routine,” team captain Sierra Soderberg said.

At the state competition teams perform a routine that include stunts, jumps, and tumbling. This year the team’s routine is order from band dance, to situational cheer, to the school cheer and lastly to their fight song.

The team placed fourth in last year’s state competition. This year they are looking to do better.

“We try to make it as fun as possible to be a part of the team, but our coaches mean business, so there’s no time for slacking off,” Soderberg said.

As the year has gone forward, the team has been working to progress on their skills. They also have striven to build better relationships between teammates.

“The team has new girls every year so stunts are always different, the sound is different, and the relationships are different. We have built skill and found who belongs where,” Soderberg said.

For this year’s preparation for the state competition, the team had taken to leading a spirit week before they compete.

“We do spirit weeks leading up to competitions, the same way the school does them for homecoming and such,” Soderberg said. Their spirit week was composed of days like pajama day, twin day, and frat boy day.

The team is serious about their work but make time to have a good dynamic between team members.

“It’s a safe place to be. There’s always support when you need it and the team progressively becomes a family, so we have a lot more fun being around each other,” Soderberg said.

As one of the captains on the team, Soderberg takes on extra responsibilities.

“As a captain we run most warm ups, we take care of small issues on the team like drama, and we’re pretty involved with the girls. We build relationships with all of them and help take care of them when they don’t always want to go to the coaches,” Soderberg said.

The team has two other captains, Jenna McConnel and Zoe Pierce. The three tend to split responsibilities and take up different purposes.

“Zoe is more organized and likes to run the events. Jenna likes to keep everything professional and fun. I’m the one they talk to when they’re not sure what to do about something,” Soderberg said.

The captains also take on a portion organizing events and fundraisers to help the team.

“We organize fundraisers and help remind girls of upcoming events and requirements,” Soderberg said.