Laramie High School Alpine ski team competed in their state competition in Jackson Hole last week.

Most of the skiers have said that it was not their best race but they are proud of how far they have come as a team.

“This was my last competition with this team, so I had high hopes, but the conditions were just bad. It was almost fifty degrees and I felt like I was skiing on water, even though I didn’t have a great race I’m still proud of myself for giving it my all, I’m sure all my teammates would say the same thing,” Senior Genevieve Peria said.

Every skier knows how hard it is to ski in conditions like these, when its hot and slushy its very easy to lose your rhythm.

“To be honest the boys didn’t do too hot, but I guess this just wasn’t our race. Despite that I am really proud of how we did in the slalom, I think overall we had a really good season,” Sophomore Lenny Jacobs said.

The LHS team has had a good year and it appears to be getting better and better every year, the team has grown a lot in the past few years and if they continue to grow they will only do better and better.

“I’m really going to miss the seniors that were on the team this year, I’ve learned a lot from them and they’ve become really good friends, but even without them I have high hopes for next years team, there are new kids joining and if we teach them what this years seniors taught us I think our team will be a real force in the state,” Jacobs said.

“I am going to nationals this year and I’m really excited, I’m so thankful for everything this team has taught me and how strong its made me. I hope that I have left an impact on this team as great as they have left on me. They will always be family and I think without them I wouldn’t be able to push myself as much as I am now,” Perea said.