Laramie High School speech and debate competitors prepare for upcoming state competition starting March 12 going through the 14.
The speech and debate members of LHS are preparing to compete at the state competition that will begin on March 12.
With few upperclassmen on the team, the students go over obstacles at the district competition that took place on 20-22 of Feb.
First year Paige Emerson competed in the categories policy. She said though
she is just getting started, she did not do as well as she had hoped.

“We did so-so. We really tried our best, but a large part of the team isn’t as experienced and we
don’t have many upperclassmen, so we didn’t get that far,” Emerson said.
“Speech and debate is super fun so I really want to do it next year. It helps with speaking to people and speaking on demand.”

Speech and debate has been really helpful to team members with being able to communicate what you want to say.
It helps a lot with speaking, talking, and communicating.
“The people in speech and debate are really some of the greatest people that I’ve met,” Emerson said.
With competitions the LHS team competes against many different schools, getting to know the students as well as learning from them has been a valuable tool to multiple
team members.
“I did POI which stands for Program Oral Interpretation. It’s a collection of different kinds of pieces from dramatic interpretation to poems and news articles,” Riley Hickman said. 
Hickman progressed through three rounds in her event.
During the district competition a competitor is guaranteed two rounds, but after two downs were received you were out.
In normal tournaments you are typically guaranteed 3-4 rounds before semis or finals.
“Our novices really stepped up and really worked hard. I think it was pretty good this year,” Hickman said. “I will definitely end up using the skills that I’ve obtained because public speaking is everywhere.” 
Good sportsman ship as well as getting along with people is a very important skill to have when going into this extracurricular.

Speech and debate will provide you with the opportunity to meet people from all over the state as well as people from Col, S.D., and Neb.
“It is a really good experience to have. It looks great on college applications and it’s just a fun time,” said Hickman. “We’re like a family really. We hang out all the time…some of us were hanging out and it was just a really good time.”
With the upcoming state competition being her last one ever, upperclassman Hickman is most looking forward to being able to compete again.
After graduating this year, she hopes to continue her speech and debate career if she chooses to go to college.
“It’s going to be a great one,” Hickman said. 
While the club will be sad to lose Hickman among other seniors, this year’s newcomers along
with the veterans will be prepared to welcome new competitors in the next season.