Students at Laramie High School that are participating in student organization, visit with the First Lady of Wyoming. 

Laramie Youth Council is a municipal group of high school students who form a mock city council. 

George Yost is a Senior at LHS and an active member of Laramie Youth Council. 

“We work with different city officials to address and solve different issues that affect the community, such as lobbying for different bills at the legislature and the state senate and making recycling videos to raise awareness,” Yost said. 

The Laramie Youth Council tries to and has affected the community of Laramie for the better through their projects, which include supporting the implementation of a plastic-bag fee, in order to decrease single use plastic pollution. 

Laramie Youth Council is a mainly student-run operation, with aid from a few adult leaders. 

“The new project that the Youth Council is focusing on is food security, helping Laramie families, and more specifically s students at the high school, with acquiring food. We decided to meet with the First Lady, Jenny Gordon, in order to discuss possible options for this,” Yost said. “She shares our initiative for this issue. “ 

There are many organizations already providing options for families, such as the Laramie Soup Kitchen. 

The Youth Council learned a lot from meeting with the First Lady and hope to use this new knowledge in order to bring awareness to solutions already in place to this problem. 

Other projects that the Youth Council is working on attempting to secure a grant in order to put solar panels on the roof of the High School, this project is being led by Sam Miller and Arundathi Nair, two other prominent Seniors at LHS, and they hope to have great success. 

This solar panel project will help in reducing the carbon footprint of the high school tremendously. 

“The Youth Council also plans to help out with the Wyoming Associations with Municipality Conference in the summer,” Yost said. “While the Youth Council feels like it is winding down at the moment, we are proud of how much we have accomplished in the past year, and are looking forward to the future.” 

While it may not be an official LHS club, the high school is helping any way they can in order to help the Youth Council make an impact. 

“The Youth Council is a joint venture between the city and the school,” Yost said.  

The Youth Council is also funded by the city, and as a representative of the city, the students involved in this organization are making Laramie proud. 

“The Mayor, Joe Shumway comes by and helps out a lot” Yost said. “We really get a lot of support from our city government.” 

While this is a student- run operation, the age of these high schoolers is doing nothing to stop them or slow them down in their journey to improve Laramie. 

This display of student involvement is a perfect example that students around the country can make a difference at their local, state or federal governments.