Laramie High School celebrates FFA week to show appreciation to the agriculture community, this takes place on Feb. 24-28.

The FFA club celebrates FFA week every year.

During FFA week they show the community they are involved in the agriculture community by dressing up. Around 30-40 people participated in dressing up for FFA week.

“So, we have to show our agricultural support to our community by dressing up a certain way to show that we are a part of the community,” Alisha Bell said.

FFA week this year also fell on FFA’s biggest fundraiser of the year.

They get donations and put that money towards the regional trip and if they make to nationals then some goes towards the national trips funding.

“The money goes into our FFA fund for our state trip for state convention, which is in Cheyenne in April,” Bell said.

FFA week is celebrated nationwide across all FFA clubs in the country.

They might not celebrate them all on the same week, but the different clubs all celebrate FFA week.

“It falls normally on our biggest fundraiser of the year, so we always get a bunch of donations,” Bell said.

During the fund raiser they gain donations and money to help support their trips that come later in the year.

The FFA club also holds practices after school of agriculturally based things.

They will then compete regionally to see who the best in the state is.

After regionals the club’s best teams will fly to Indianapolis, Indiana and compete nationally against other states best clubs.

After state the clubs get awarded who is the best in the nation.

These donations and money they gain from the fundraiser will help cover cost of regionals.

If any team makes it to nationals then the extra money will be put towards plane tickets and housing for nationals.

During the fundraiser the FFA club does a Rocky Mountain Oyster Fry to raise money. Everyone is welcome and get to see the FFA club be a part of their agricultural community.

Another thing the FFA club does if the kids are going to state is, they will have a live auction or silent auction.

The kids going must bring something in for the auction and they will sell the item to raise money for the state trip to Cheyenne.

Every year the AG mechanics will make a fireplace to sell at the auction. The fireplace helps raise money for people to be able to get to state. The money may even go towards nationals.

For example, Alisha Bell is part of the FFA team. Her team is going to go to state, and she is going to compete in state. She made 2 pies for the silent auction and sold them to fund her trip to Cheyenne for state. If she does well some of the money, they got for donations will go towards funding her trip to nationals.