Laramie High School Woodworking class is making student built shelves for the English Department.

LHS woodworking student are currently working on some bookshelves requested by the English department and other things as well.

“Learning to correctly and effectively plan and assemble furniture is the intent of this class. Of course, we do other things but basically what I’m teaching is furniture building,” Woodworking teacher Shawn Dovey said.

Dovey went on to tell about the other things that the class teaches the students.

“Kids learn about the wood and some architectural things too. Supports and 2×4’s. Originally kids took this class if they wanted to go into construction or to be a carpenter or whatever else. It’s sort of evolved since then but I try to keep it the same. We build plant stands and little things around the house,” Dovey said

To teach the students about how to construct and assemble items the, Dovey is having them put together the bookshelves.

This process includes marking and cutting all of the wood and gluing and nailing the stands, making sure that they are sturdy, durable and square.

Students taking woods can build anything they can think of as long as they pay the materials fee for it, cabinets and nightstands or even little things like cutting boards or chess boards.

“I think it’s fun putting them together. There’s nothing better than seeing all of your work come together at the end in a final product. It makes me want to do it again,” Woods student David Sole said.

David along with other students are helping to construct the shelves.

Students are encouraged to plan and execute their own projects in the class.

“I’ve had kids make pantries, cabinets, all sorts of things. That kid right there is making a gun cabinet. Once you learn the basics on how to square a board and sorts of things like that there’s really no limit to what you can do.” Dovey said. 

At the beginning of the year kids learned all the basics about furniture building.

Learning how to square a board, correctly cut a board and assemble the wood together so it will last a lifetime is just the tip of the iceberg in the class.

Once you learn that there are so many things you can do to make to piece stylish.

Staining it, edging it and adding neat touches are all things that a student can learn in the class.

Students can sell their creations as they wish and could use these skills in everyday life.

Students can take the woods classes in order.

It is recommended that a student takes basic woodworking before jumping into the more advanced classes.

“I just took it to fill a space but now it’s one of my favorite classes” Sole said