Laramie High School’s (LHS) Team Sports class will finish a two-week volleyball unit this Friday.


Bruce Schmidt, coach at LHS, has been teaching the volleyball unit in team sports for twenty-five years.


During the volleyball unit, students learn a variety of game skills, while experiencing a high level of physical activity. Students will learn how to serve, pass, set, and spike the ball.


Additionally, students learn how to be on a team and interact positively with their other teammates.


“I really think that this class is important to the social skills of the students,” Schmidt said.


In the first week of this unit, students practice skills and learn the basic rules of volleyball.


Students will concentrate their time and efforts to honing their volleyball skills, before the competitive nature of this unit is set into play.


After the first week, students will be randomly broken into different teams. Once broken into teams, students will participate in a three-day activity called a round-robin. A round-robin is an all-play-all tournament.


The round-robin forces students to practice their volleyball skills, communicate effectively, and work well as a team. The round robin is sudden death and goes until only one team remains.


“What we have today is a little more competition on one net and then more recreation on the other,” Schmidt said. “Then on Wednesday, we will swap the kids around. They do seem to enjoy it.” 


Regardless of the competition, the unit is meant to be as fun as possible.


“My favorite part about team sports is playing volleyball because even though I don’t play competitively at school anymore, I still get the chance to play and interact with a team and have some fun,” Kymber Stinson, student at LHS said.


Volleyball is a good source of exercise for this physical education class, however there is a deeper reason behind Schmidt’s twenty-five-year tradition.


“In the future, students are going to want to play in the park with their friends or in the backyard with their loved ones,” Schmidt said. “This class gives them the tools or rather a basic understanding in order to do so.”


Team sports focuses on life-long activity, introducing students to an array of physical activities; volleyball, basketball, hockey, tag-football, as well as other activities. 


“I could probably see myself playing when I’m older as a way to hang out with my friends and stay in good physical shape,” Aspen Decker, student at LHS, said.


Laramie High School will end the volleyball unit next Friday. Upon completion, the class will enter their basketball unit.


Each unit lasts two weeks. These units not only help students achieve physical activity and develop healthy lifestyle habits, but they also teach a basic knowledge of the games and how to interact positively in a competitive setting.