The Laramie Plainsmen golfers are getting ready for their spring season. Beginning March 30th re-season is underway and students are preparing for their first on-course practices and contests.


Being one of the few high school sports teams with two separate sessions, one in fall and spring, players have an opportunity for immense progress both mentally and physically between seasons.


“My main focus is just having a positive mindset going into each practice and using every practice with a purpose to get better every day,” Camryn Nagy, student golfer at Laramie High School said.


The fall season runs from August to September, a nearly six month off period, and then spring session from March to May.


Students finished a productive fall season, led by coaches Aaron Johnson and Kurk Aegerter. At the fall state tournament, the Laramie boys team finished seventh overall, and the girls finished eleventh. LHS also had Camryn Nagy finishing in the top ten for girls, and Jackson McClaren, student golfer, in the top 25 for boys.


“It was a good learning experience,” McClaren said.


Being in preseason right now, golfers are hard at work in the simulator until official practices begin March 30th. The team is currently practicing at The Pitch, a multipurpose, indoor facility in Laramie. 


“I would say that since it’s still winter, you have to focus on the mental side of the game and your mechanics more than anything,” McClaren said.


The team has been practicing in the simulator for several weeks now, and some individuals have been practicing even more throughout the off period. Working in the simulator allows the golfers to focus on their technique, work for longer periods of time, and focus on the fine-tuned details of their craft.


Being that golf is an extremely mental sport, the majority of success, is in a player’s confidence and mindset. Being mentally sound is crucial to performing well in golf. Players work on staying focused, calm, and confident during practices so that they can make more improvements physically throughout the game as well.


Once the official season has begun, the team will practice at the Jacoby Golf Course in town. At the course they will expand work on their technique and adapt to the environmental factors of the outdoor game.


The team will practice every day and work on each element of the game and being on course. They will work on keeping the amount of drives and hits to a minimum so that they can try to keep their scores low and placings high.


The first contest LHS will prepare for is on April 4th, just five days after the official practices have started. This first contest will be a learning experience for each team involved, as they will be getting back into the swing of things.


Laramie High golf is hoping to make great improvements this spring and bring in high placings this season and learn more to carry into the next season later this fall.