Laramie high school buys multiple flat screen TV’s and outs them around the school.

The Laramie high school has a big budget for the 2019/2020 school year. 

They are able to fix major bathroom damage and still afforded multiple flat screen TV’s. 

The high school has to spend lots of money to deal with major fixes in the bathrooms from broken sinks toilets and stalls which gets pricey especially with the quality of the products so how do they afford the big flat screen TV’s?

Multiple people spoke on their opinions on the school spending money on the TV’s. 

They have mixed answers both positive and negative. 

“The tv’s make the school look better but they only have 1 purpose and that’s to notify people on clubs or other school events,” Brooklynn Green said.

“The TV’s are kind of a waste of money and for the size of the tv’s they are they cost around 200-300 dollars,” Perla Nunez said. “The number of TV’s they bought are not necessary, it would be better if they used that money to update the school lunch menu,”

The student of the high school has more cons than pros about the tv’s the high school bought. 

Pros being adding looks to the school and notifying the students about school events. 

The cons are the TV’s are a waste of school money. The students would rather the school spend that money on different stuff like the school lunch menu are other school supplies.

It seems the school should talk to the students about how they should spend some of the school’s budget.

The locations of the TV’s should be changed too. 

The way the TV’s are mounted in the hallways towards the back-parking lot are facing the opposite wall. 

This makes it so only people between the wall and the tv can actually see the tv’s. 

If they were to angle the TV’s towards the hallways it would be facing all the students passing by. 

This would catch more students’ eyes which might get more kids involved in school activities. 

Or at least make the students aware of the activities. 

The TV by the wood shop class is in a better location but just like the other tv in the back of the school it should be angles more towards the hallways. 

They is one more tv at the cafeteria but that TV is on a kart. 

The cafeteria has 2 floors. 

The 2nd floor is like a big balcony.

If they were to hang a tv off the balcony it can catch more students’ eyes because they just have to look up. 

But when the tv is on the kart students end up blocking the tv making it harder to catch the student’s eyes. 

So, the school needs to have students’ opinions about spending the school’s money and also how to deal with the stuff they buy.