An ensemble of Laramie High School Spanish students will perform and compete at the University of Northern Colorado World Language Day in Greeley, CO. in April. 

This group will perform in the song/dance cultural entertainment competition. The performance by this group will include dance and music. The musicians will perform movements from Carmen Suite No.1 by Georges Bizet. Although Bizet is a French composer, he composed the Carmen Suite for an opera that takes place in Spain. More specifically, the Autonomy of Andalusia. 

“It is music that makes no pretensions to depth, but it is delightful in its simplicity, so unaffected and sincere,” Freidrich Nietzsche said.  

The piece does a good job capturing Spanish energy. The Suite is laced with the sass and flair that Sevilla, Spain is famous for.  

While the musicians are playing, students will perform a choreographed dance organized by Alyssa Dale, a senior at LHS. 

The students involved in this group are composed of a range of grades, however the majority are sophomores.  

The students in the group include: Cooper Kaligis, Harlie Kaligis, Keegan Miller, Collin Krueger, Emma Baas, Katia Oler, Ruby Novogrotsky, Courtney Turpen, Thomas Faber, Ben Ruckman, Gracie Zhang, Leila Johnson, Isabel Naschold, Anna Chen and Samuel Johnson-Noya. 

 All the musicians in the group are very high caliber artists and nearly all of the musicians have made it into Wyoming’s All-State Orchestra. 

The majority of the musical group is already familiar with this piece as it was played at Wyoming All-State 2020, and because of this, the players are more prepared than ever to make an outstanding performance.  

 The group has already rehearsed a couple times and plans to have many more rehearsals. The group was going to perform last year, but unfortunate circumstances caused the event to be canceled, due to unpredictable occurrences.  

A school shooter threat to Denver public schools prevented a lot of schools from attending last year’s World Language Day as the event had to be canceled. 

LHS will also be sending students to compete in other World Language Day competitions, such as heritage speaking competitions.  

 “I think we’re sending students to compete in the speaking and piñata competition,” Laramie High School sophomore Emmet Shuman said. 

 While Shuman, personally, will not be participating in World Language Day, he has heard much about it as it is an important event for the school.  

 Students Kai Edwards, Isabel Naschold and Anna Chen have also created a beautiful piñata of Moai, the famous stone heads on Easter Island. Moai are an important cultural symbol of the Rapa Nui, an indigenous people in Chile.  

Even though many students are going to World Language Day to compete, many are going just to have a fun time. At World Language day there are many fun activities in which students can participate. 

“I hear the dance is really fun,” said Shuman. 

There are very many exciting activities in which students can participate. Some of these include soccer, cultural presentations, campus tours, treasure hunts and raffles.