Simplot Games is a big deal for many high school indoor track athletes all over the United States and Canada. Simplot is a national meet that takes place in Pocatello, Idaho. More than 1,500 athletes compete in the competition. Laramie junior Travis Judd competed in the Boys’ 1600 Sprint Medley Relay, placing fifth. 


The 1600 Sprint Medley consists of four runners. The first two runners run 200 meters, the third runner runs 400 meters and the final runner runs 800 meters.


The other boys on this sprint medley team were seniors Mason Swingholm, Shay Archer and Conner Killpack. The Boys’ 1600 Sprint Medley Relay team from Laramie doesn’t always remain the same, substituting different runners in this relay, so that they can try to improve their time. These four turned out to be a good fit. “Right now, we’re the fastest time in the state,” Judd said.


Not only are they the fastest time in the state, they also can say that they’re the fifth fastest team in the nation. The time that Laramie ran in the event was a 3:42.31. The team that placed first in the nation ran a 3:31.88. In all competitions, these boys can always place at least in the top eight.


“It was pretty cool just being able to know that you can compete with some of the best teams in the nation. It’s a pretty good feeling,” Judd said.


On all teams, coaches must look at every aspect to decide who will compete best in the competition at hand. There were many aspects that the coaches looked at to make the final decision. “We’re the fastest, and most competitive on the team right now so they knew we were going to perform our best,” Judd said.


This was Judd’s first year at Simplot. Not only did Judd qualify in the 1600 Sprint Medley, he also qualified for the Triple Jump and the Long Jump, but found the most success in the Sprint Medley. 


Not everyone on the Laramie Indoor team gets to compete at Simplot Games, but Laramie always finds a way to qualify in a variety of events. Not only do they qualify for the meet; they find success as well. “Usually Laramie gets on the podium at least once,” Judd said.


The Wyoming state meet is on March 3rd-7th and Laramie is looking to win a state title, boys and girls.