The Laramie High School Student Council wanted to put shelves in the bathroom to do something convenient for the school.

The shelves were not a student request, but an idea the Student Council came up with to give back to the school and students, and for general convenience.

“The school bathrooms are gross and we wanted to help the school,” Student Council member, Fiona Mobley said.

The shelves will help decrease the unsanitary nature of the bathroom passes, as students will now have a place to put them, rather than take them into the stalls with them as they do now. These shelves will help with keeping things as sanitary as possible around the school.

The council used the funds from last year’s prom tickets to pay for the materials for the shelves, and decided to let Shawn Dovey’s wood shop and woodworking classes make the shelves to allow to community and student involvement in the project.

“It gives a convenient place to put them since some of those passes are awkward to have in stalls,” Mobley said.

The shelves will be three feet tall, so students can easily place the passes on top without any trouble.

Students could still opt out from using the pass shelves if they don’t want to use them, as they are not mandatory to use.

The council had a short amount of time to implement the idea, just around three weeks.

There will be a slide in the Wednesday Wisdom during the first Intervention and Enrichment that they have all of the shelves made, so students will not be confused by what the shelves are, and be given some information about how to use them.

The Student Council is currently waiting for the shelves to be made by the wood shop classes so they can begin installing them.

Mobley said that the Student Council was not worried about people stealing the hall passes from the shelves, as they are useless outside of the school, and most students would not want the passes anyway.

Another concern Mobley addressed was that Chuck Kern, the principal of the school, warned that someone may try to steal the shelves themselves, but Mobley believes this is not an issue, because it would be hard to hide a large shelf in a bag or otherwise, and it would be easy to see someone grab one from the bathroom.

A past Student Council project that Mobley mentioned was the Make a Wish fundraiser dance that was earlier in the school year.

“We do homecoming and prom and we recently did a fundraiser for make a wish and we might do [another] one soon,” Mobley said.

Mobley counted the bathrooms for the project, to know how many shelves to make, and generally oversaw this project while it was in the making.