Laramie High School introduces a new Audio-Visual club for students who are interested in learning new technology and video editing software. 

Sean Moore, one of the leaders of the new Audio-Visual Club plans to start getting new students in his club that are interested in editing videos, working with radio, and learning new technology in the fields of Audio and Visuals. 

The Audio-Visual club meets every Thursday in room 2045 from 11:30 a.m. to noon. 

Many plans are set with this club to be able to be involved in projects with the school.

The club will likely participate in activities that include collaborating with the Wednesday update videos that the counselors produce. 

However, many goals are not quite set with this club yet, most of which lead into the 2020-2021 school year. 

“This year, I want to try to get as many students as possible, that are interested in it, obviously, we are a club, Mr. Reece is also part of the club and there is a possibility, and if we lay it out correctly, he might work with Mr. Kern to see to maybe offer some semester courses,” Moore said. 

Once they have enough students, they plan to make an Audio-Visual Room. 

When the school was built, they gave the department a large storage of fiber optics, which could be used for the club’s benefits. 

They have access to a variety of broadcasting equipment, some of which is shared with the counseling office. 

Jason Uitterdyk is also highly involved with the club, who also wants to learn more into editing audio and visuals. 

“My goals are this, get the students in there, and this semester, we want to get all this equipment together, and make sure that everything is working great, the students will put them together so that they learn the equipment and then down the line, we’ll just reevaluate our goals and figure out what we want to do for 2021,” Moore said. 

The leaders of the club are also involved in other tasks as well, with smaller tasks that involve helping Paul Street gain the technology to be able to make his own Khan Academy videos about Calculus. 

The studio will eventually be set up for students to be able to create YouTube videos as well as podcasts. 

Learning this range of technology can be beneficial for many ranges of education.

Video editing can be very useful if you wanted to make tutorials for anything, it is also helpful to understand how media is built from this perspective as well, so that you can work more around it.

The base of the club is to learn how to neatly wrap Audio and Visual software so that it is smooth and ready to publish. 

The University of Wyoming is currently not involved with the club at all, but according to Moore, it could change in the future when the club becomes more stable. 

“Dream it up, and if it involves Audio-Visual, then we can do it,” Moore said.