This year, the library is hosting a new avenue of information-they have an entire bulletin board dedicated to sharing about different students at Laramie High School.

In November, there were leaves where students could write what they were grateful for, and this December, there are penguins, snowflakes, and igloos where students can write about a tradition, they have this time of year, Christmas or otherwise.

“It’s kind of nice to have the students who come in here be engaged in some way, and to express themselves…Families are all different and unique [so] it’s nice to see [their different traditions],” Stephenie Cossairt said.

In order to participate, all a student must do is to grab one of the laminated cut outs, write on it with a provided sharpie and staple their tradition wherever they choose on the bulletin board.

Already, many students have put their traditions up on the bulletin board, creating a flying effect on the blue paper setup.

“It’s nice for kids to get involved and have something to say, and we get to hear the voice back,” Reese Forum said.

There are many ways to participate, going beyond just putting up your own tradition. Other than adding to the board, the design is of such that everyone can see and learn from those around them.

“And aside from us enjoying it, I’ve noticed other students going up there and reading them, and it’s kind of nice to see them appreciating someone else’s tradition…And maybe these are some traditions that have gone on for generations, and maybe there are some that just their family started,” Cossairt said.

There are no requirements for a tradition to be included, nor any sort of registration for students.

It can be old or new, Christmas or Valentines, or any other sort of different arrangement, creating a symbolic arrangement of traditions of all different sorts coexisting on the same bulletin board.

These notes are also anonymous, which allows students to include responses without fear of judgement.

“I think it’s fun and interesting and good for us to learn about each other in any way, shape, or form we can. Otherwise we oftentimes only learn about each other in the little group of friends that we have. And even though these are quite anonymous, which is the safety of it… this is still a way with that animality to learn about each other,” Forum said.

After having viewed other traditions, many students have seen what they have in common with their peers, and new ways of doing things that they may have never considered before.

Some students have taken this as an opportunity to adopt new traditions in their lives, based off what they see on the board.

In the end, the whole thing is designed to further the purpose of LHS, which is to bring students together by showing us that we are more alike than different, encourage us to try new things, and, of course, be kind.